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  • my2ndwish my2ndwish Nov 22, 2011 1:21 PM Flag

    Any Investors Here?

    It seems we could benefit from the latest overreaction that is driving down this investment. (I have been lowering my average price for some time.)

    One thing I don't understand is why, when I check on this board, there are so many ranting -- spouting what I might describe as a deep-rooted pessimism.

    Question: How much is really at risk here?

    This stock is under 30 cents, pre split, and yet there seems to be no shortage of "observers" who want to dogpile on and predict the worst.

    Does anyone else find this at all curious?

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    • Good morning Bandecamilo. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thank you for responding as I know that I probably didn't deserve a response given some of our past interactions. I understand that you don't see much happening here over the next two years, but if you look out past 2 years, maybe even 3 or 4, do you think that there is a decent chance of making a run to $8 plus, my breakeven? Or is there a number I should look for as my best chance to limit my losses? I value your opinion since you've been constantly right. I've really put my family in a tough position. Selling now would devastate us, which is on me, I know. I should have sold this summer. I have to live with that, unfortunately. This has really been a humbling situation. I'm hoping that you think it's reasonable that I'll be able to break even or at least limit my losses if I hold on for two or more years. I appreciate any undeserved advice I can get from you. It is more appreciated than you know.

    • that would be fun!!!!!!!!!!

      Happy Turkey day to the turkeys

    • Over reaction? Hardly.
      The company opened up the possibility that they may withdraw from the Arikace pipeline;;;no one knows the extend of the FDA's actions but for the company to suggest this and offer no direction,I doubt any would invest in Insmed.With 85M and the threat of lawsuits dilution and nothing to offer,the stock may crash far more.This FDA is the worst ever.

    • Now Bande, that is one very transparent statement. $4? Is worth much more than that to a major pharma...and if you are that savy, you know it.

    • Bande does not know, I do not know, few really do know what the high side might be. But, one thing we do know....the VC's are not done in their efforts to recoup. And a surprise sale allways lurk in the background.

    • I don't know who is using Supacharja's ID but I have seen him post forever and that BS posting certainly is not him.

    • there are no investors here.
      that's our problem!!!!

    • You hold it long enough and it may be an $800.00 stock, but i am afraid your grand kids will have to tell this story to their grand kids and and so on. have fun

      Lucky if you get $4.00 in the next couple of years. have more fun

      BABA loves all

    • I really got it handed to me on this one. Are you saying that insmed will never even see $7 again? Ever? I wish I had stepped away a long time ago. Is $5-6 a reasonable likelihood to get out? I'm just trying to figure out what options I have. I've really been hurt by this stock. Thanks.

    • Some jack ash think that i am you and many other id's. have fun

      $7.00 not likely at all. have more fun

      I wish you have a happy turkey too

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