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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Nov 21, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    The BAD INSM investment is the investors fault!?!

    This is the most rediculous, circuitous, non-logic thinking expressed on this MB that any INSM Long will EVER read. YOUR "BAD" INSM investment was "BAD" because YOU bought the stock at the wrong time and YOU bought according to "BAD" marketing plans, "BAD" science and "BAD" medicine associated with INSM management's decisions for Iplex and Arikace. BUT it was NOT INMS management's patent infringment, poor design of clinical trials, inability to explain the science behind findings in the rat carcinogenicity study, or any of those mishaps. It was YOUR fault for not buying and selling when fud and other smarty Spumpers read the tea leaves!?! Read this non-logic again, per fud's post challenging Zake's logic and credibility if you want to be flabbergasted. It is LOL rediculous.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Cool off rehd. Fudfighter's not running for president of Insmed, and he's not even American as far I know. I think he was taking personal responsibility for his investing mistakes of the past. I'm not sure there's a smooth path to success anywhere you look, except at the cross.

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      • Fud is the new MSFT901 of the MB. $500 to $1,200 dollars a share is now the going price according to fud.

        MSFT901 used to predict these kind of share prices pre reverse split back in 2007, 2008.

        It's fun to do the math every time a prediction is made but reality bites. I hope fuddy-duddy is right but his track record sucks big time.

        However, I do believe we are headed for better days within the next 15 months. I will either crash and burn with this company or make out quite nicely. I like my chances or I would sell now.

    • Rehd
      Im certain some are seeing what I saw a long time ago, that fud, for whatever reasons takes this investment and message board far too seriously...why would any rational individual spend so much time defending an equity to an anonymous message board is beyond me...I would caution you however, you spelled ridiculous incorrectly...Having said that you will certainly face the wrath of an individual who has absolutely nothing better to do with their time that to look at every post ever written, with the knowledge that the same cannot be said for them, as so many aliases have been removed..ill say it again, put the clown on ignore

    • Can't you people open up a message board especially for yourselves?

      You could call it the "Armchair Expert" board.

      You'd love it there. We'd miss your advice here, but we wouldn't be selfish about it.

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