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  • insmhistorian insmhistorian Nov 21, 2012 4:27 PM Flag


    There was no reply button to your post in the Zake thread. I remember seeing the transcript of that conference call and that it was an "unknown analyst" that asked that question. Are you saying that that was Zake or are you guessing that might have been him?

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    • Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I thought the individual was introduced by name in the actual call.

      As for it being Zake - purely an intuitive leap on my part.

    • Historian,,there was a reply button on your post,,and I just hit it...Yes it was me that was the
      "UNKOWN ANALYST on the conference call. And in reply to your priior post, I am an eternal
      optimist, and would love to see Iplex come into it's own, but have LATELY come to the conclusion
      that it is a longer term project, requiring both much more time, and money than the folks currently
      leading INSM are going to be able to provide. So my view of the development of Iplex is evolving.
      I think there is great value in Iplex, but someone else will have to cause it to be recognized, and
      probably invested in it.

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      • Seems rehdvm2004 and zake1 have ,after 3 and a half years have finally realized the minimal value of Iplex.

        IPlex has never been any sort of share price driver since Dr Alllan and the company dropped the drug in JULY 2009. ( Read the PR)

        PCUT which is fodder for novices is a compassionate org with no funding.
        ROP is in the clinic
        Not 1 investment penny has stepped forward to restart Iplex.

        Insmed is all about Arikace,especially NTM...but first a word from our sponsor about the 26 M betting parlor.

        Zakes post is a dose of reality to the realization that someone will own Insmed if it hits on NTM.

        No one knows the valuation metric now, but I do realize what slick Willy's plan is.

        imho I doubt he's not doing much on the groundwork that Whitten laid out, warts and all.

        Will Lewis is a hedge fund manager,not a physician or scientist....

      • It's rather amazing that anyone would take the time to respond to someone who no doubt wants attention.
        Giving any dignity to 500 dollars or a major pharma is pure nuts.Will I answer why? No but to those that continue to clutter the board talking to an idiot I will ignore for their responses also show idiocy.

      • zake, thanks for stepping up and admitting that it was you. I also recall you posted that you had asked a question in a previous CC...I believe the last name was Masterson.

      • Zake, thanks for clearing that up. I missed seeing that you were the one credited with that. Question...."less than $20.00"? I hope you are wrong. Ouch.

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