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  • terry_insm terry_insm Dec 12, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    Oppenheimer 21 min presentation from Insmed

    Aloha ! up early and Oppenheimers 21 presentation was as expected. 90 Million on the sheet results due have long been announced.Lewis questions from the crowd were the norm ( inferiority etc) NTM is "our market to own" ..I liked that. For all the bsrtists about iplex - it was of course completely ignored.

    A reasonable question none here have answered is why is there no backing or interest from Wall street? ( except for the wedbush ) .. If Arikace gains interest from a brokerage you will see a move.
    Good Luck

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    • Nothing new stated, but I liked the new presentation, especially the slide showing how Arikace penatrates into the lung.

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    • There will be no partners or brokerages following until after the dog trial.If it is not completely favorable to the FDA,Insmed is toast.

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      • "There will be no partners or brokerages following until after the dog trial. If it is not completely favorable to the FDA, Insmed is toast."

        The dog trial (which is a repeat preclinical study, BTW) has a 99% chance of showing nothing precancerous. The Foamy Macrophages (damaged cell type leaked by a Wedbrush statement) is a precancerous lesion if it occurs from an unknown cause. There is intracell lipid and an increase in mitotic figures (cell division of the nucleus). But this lesion also occurs following a natural build-up of the lipids. One of the most common causes for this finding (post mortem) was women who used a lot of hairspray. But it also occurs when Arikace (lipid and amikacin) is engulfed, taken-in, absorbed by the fixed macrophages (FMs) in the lung. The same phenomenon that Spumpers point out makes the antibiotic effective against NTM as well as TB (a fudspec) inside the macrophage causes a benign, concurrent build-up of thelipid in the FM. The FM has to get rid of the lipid after the bacteria are killed by the amikacin. The bacteria are dead in a few hours, but the lipid has to be digested by the macrophage and "spit out" into the musous flowing out of the lungs, OR the bloodstream. It does not go back out of the lung by aerosol, the way it came into the lung. While dog lung studies are not common, the ones that have shown carcinogenic potential have been inhaled smoke form cigaretts, inhaled radioactive particles and inhaled benzene ring compounds. These can all be found online by a scientific literature search. But the point is, the Arikace lipid is not carcinogenic. A few Sudan Black and Sudan Red stained lung sections will prove this out (special stains for lipids) along with a close look at the cell division sections of the FMs. No toxicity there.

        But the most importang single phrase that was uttered by the presenter was "NTM is our market." This confirms what I am hoping that INSM will stay focused on the brass ring.

        We shall see.

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