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    Addition to Russell

    Know its early but hasn't anyone start doing work on possible addition to Russell for 2013? Need to understand dynamics before other funds start positioning themselves...

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    • Think people will look back and say I knew all these catalysts coming and didn't buy shares under $6.50 . These same people will have to buy at higher prices going forward...=)

    • Here are the minimum market caps in recent years for Russell 3000 qualification -

      2011 ... $130 million
      2010 ... $112 million
      2009 ... $078 million
      2008 ... $167 million
      2007 ... $262 million
      2006 ... $218 million
      2005 ... $183 million
      2004 ... $176 million
      2003 ... $117 million
      2002 ... $128 million
      2001 ... $147 million
      2000 ... $178 million
      1999 ... $178 million
      1998 ... $222 million
      1997 ... $172 million
      1996 ... $162 million
      1995 ... $104 million

      I couldn't be bothered to check the Russell site for the minimum requirement earlier this year, but Insmed's market cap at the moment is around $200 million.

      Unless there is a development which halts the planned Arikace EAP we can expect the market cap to be many multiples of $200 million by the time the index reconstitution data is captured at the end of May next year.

      Next June is currently looking like a really fun time for us. The higher the market cap, the higher will be Insmed's ranking. It's looking like the tracker funds will have to acquire a far greater number of shares than have ever been needed before.

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      • Thks for the info. Yeah. Funds who do the reconstitution will start preparing probably end of April beginning of May. Yeah looks like June will be probably exciting for the stock as the market cap will be supported by the upcoming catalysts. Of course the big funds like Fidelity and smart money will be on top of this. At these levels its worth building a position now rather than later imo...Place your bets it will be fun ride....=)

    • Some might say I'm being overly optimistic, but I would hazard a guess it's a 50/50 chance.


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