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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Jan 2, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    Arikace use in bronchiectasis under the EAP this year

    Anybody sufficiently new to the board to wonder about the difference in the target market for Arikace implied by the info I posted recently -

    Deaths in the US during 2009:

    50,774 - Pneumonia

    122,448 - Bronchiectasis and other chronic lower respiratory diseases, excluding cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, emphysema and asthma

    - and rehdvm's suggestion that only 3,000 in the US have bronchiectasis, might benefit from an internet search for the following term -


    The first page includes a list of major causes of mortality in the US together with the equivalent numbers from 2009, including the following -

    Pneumonia - 50,774

    Lower respiratory disease - 137,353

    Under the second category they include a few types of lower respiratory disease I excluded (I didn't think it likely that Arikace would be used for those conditions). But it seems they relied upon the same raw data I used, the official US mortality numbers from death certificates.

    You would THINK that somebody who boasts of his professional qualifications would have the intelligence to double-check information which suggests that only 3,000 in the US have bronchiectasis, when he knows that Insmed quotes an estimate of 250,000 (from the SDI Innovations in Healthcare Analytics, 2008) for non-CF bronchiectasis alone.

    This particular loser shows little interest in making contributions of value to others who use this forum. His posts are all about trying to create the impression that his input is of particular value because of his claimed qualifications ( "dvm" ) as a vet.

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    • As much as we all disagree with rehdvm, he is eminently qualified compared to you. You have no knowledge in this world other than what your handlers tell you to post.

      Also, bohemianclubman, who appears to be one of your aliases, posted that Insmed thinks they can handle all sales with a sales staff of about twelve. Twelve? And you are posting share price of $500/share. If we assume a multiple of about 6, that means each sales manager will have sales of about $229M. Let me put that in another word. Impossible.

      Your lies are just so ridiculous that they are laughable.

      • 1 Reply to satltsasw
      • The "sales" driver you failed to factor in is the endorsement of the leading pulmonologists Worldwide.

        And you seem to be unaware of the fact that a company is not allowed to promote the use of a drug where said use is not approved by the FDA. This will primarily be about Insmed having an infrastructure which gets the Arikace to the physicians who request it. The sales staff to which you refer simply reflect the fact that treatment of Cystic Fibrosis in the US is centred around a relatively small number of specialist institutions.

        And your argument is fundamentally flawed. The inconsistency you pointed out is explained by the fact that Bo and I are separate individuals, with different expectations for the ramp of Arikace adoption.

        I'm guessing that you, on the other hand, also post under the rehdvm and mo.farah ids. All three exhibit the trademark combination of arrogance teamed with a woeful lack of intelligence.

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