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  • insm_truth_teller insm_truth_teller Jan 14, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

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    Algorithm . . .

    by rehdvm2004.Jan 13, 2013 8:30 PM.
    do you understand what an algorithm is? An equation for predicting the cause of the ROP clinical condition. The cause of ROP is directly effected by the mandatory use of hyperberic oxygen to create normal levels of blood O2 (which stiimulates VEGF to cause ROP) and the lack of maturity of the lungs to incorporate normal levels of O2 into the bloodstream because the lungs are not fully developed to absorb oxygen. rhIGF-1 causes normal cell, tissue and organ development. Thus the lungs will mature faster and the premie will be OFF O2 supplement faster which will inhibit the cause of ROP.

    Is there not one person who can connect the dots on this MB?

    Very sad. One physician would be welcome.

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    • Thanks Dr. REHdvm. However, I choose not to guess the royalty amount. INSM should step up and communicate the facts. I have a low expectation that they will.

      Also, the 50/50 agreement with Ipsen specifies that INSM is due 50% of the development costs of iPlex for ROP upon positive Phase II ROP data should Ipsen choose to participate. There is no wait for any Premacure sales of PremiPlex for that income. We do not know how much that may be, either. I have guessed in the $10-20 million range, but that is a non-expert opinion shooting from the hip. Even if you guess a smaller amount, it is still material to INSM. Per the Premicure posting on ClinicalTrials, that potential is sceduled for December 2013 and, therefore, should be part of INSM projections for the current fiscal year. I am not holding by breath for that either.

      Per Ricky Ricardo -- Lucy got some splai'n to do. I do not expect INSM to talk until 2014 when it will be too late for retail investors. I do not know when, or if I will jump back into INSM. It will be less than $6/shares, if I do. I will let Terry and the Tutes take the risk of shorting the stock to push it to my comfort level and then I will jump in. Longs do not need to fear me as I help put a floor on the stock price.

    • by terry_insm.Jan 12, 2013 10:11 AM.

      yes my opinion,and since I have been mostly correct in trades while the clowns blindly cheer,there are strong signals of caution to support a short (since $7 to add to my YTD=11.3% profit)

      1-dats an ugly candle! INSM
      2- ***FOMC minutes***
      3- Evelyn says the stock(she totally missed a $10!! by years end- or was it $20)...but really sentiment here is too positive
      4- The overall market will float( or drown) all boats that have no profits to show
      5- there are political/financial factors coming up, and congress is broke

      Nope none of these factors are abstracts or feel good stories,they are market stories and Insmed is a news driven stock.Will the dog results do anything to this stock ? or are they factored in?
      Will the CF trial continue? will Insmed decide against a US trial?
      Good Luck
      Go 49ers!

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      • by rehdvm2004.Jan 13, 2013 3:31 PM.

        "Typical or standard royalties in the biotech/pharmaceutical area cover a fairly broad range. For example, a small-molecule composition-of-matter patent can bring a royalty of 10–20%, a large-molecule composition-of-matter patent 8–18% and method claims can bring 5–15%. In the pharmaceutical industry, the current range for royalty rates is from 2% for a just discovered or engineered compound or material to 20% for a fully developed product approved for sale."

        Found at:


        using keywords: "outlicense royalty percent"

        The maximum PCUT royalty to INSM was 43% when INSM was supposed to put $25 million into the project. The Premacure deal is just patents. The patent royalties are not additive, BTW. INSM outlicensed the patents for its rhIGF-1, rhBP-3, the purification patent and the Iplex master file. Probably for 15% of profits. That generally means $15 million per $100 million of Premiplex profits. Let's see what the bottom line is when the Premacure consortium files their FDA/EMEA masterfiles. The way they are going that will be out there in time.

        NTM will be on track by then and that is the beginning of the INSM monetization.

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    • by accugrowth.Jan 13, 2013 2:55 PM.

      The following article further validates the work being done by PremaCure. FYI

      JAMA Ophthalmol. 2013 Jan 1;131(1):62-6.

      Efficacy of the Screening Algorithm WINROP in a Korean Population of Preterm Infants.
      Choi JH, Löfqvist C, Hellström A, Heo H.

    • by bandehcamilo.Jan 13, 2013 4:06 AM.

      Don't forget about the 99 cents store in less than 6 months. have fun

      BABA loves month.

    • by rehdvm2004.Jan 12, 2013 11:45 AM.

      The Premacure website is quiet specific in their statement of "exclusive world wide rights to develop and market" rhIGF-1 with or without the binding protein. That would be the basis of extinction for a privately held company like Premacure to make that "claim" without a substantive basis of support. The big part is the grant with five major European players to perform their part in developing the drug. That includes a company in Germany that develops recombinant proteins for diagnostic purposes. But developing a recombinant protein for therapeutics is just a matter of upgrading reagents, performing molecular and sterilization filtrations and transferring the developed techniques to a biopharma grade company, which they have. The saving grace is that the amount of rhIGF-1/rhBP-3 that is needed for one premie is so small in relationship to a short stature kid (one vial had 36 mg in 0.6 ml) that a Premiplex vial might be only one mg of stuff to last one week. The point is that pilot batches for short stature would produce enough Premiplex to treat hundreds of premies.

      The bad news for those interested in investing in Premiplex is that Premacure is going to keep everything privately held for the forseeable future. No public investment opportunities.

      So this will be medically valuable and interesting, but not a big deal for past INSM investors, or INSM. That is why Lewis does not mention Iplex, or the other outlicensed pipeline preparations. They are simply in preclinical development stages except for Premiplex.


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    • by terry_insm.Jan 13, 2013 5:36 PM.

      We all wish Premicure the best in their quest for ROP therapy.

      As far as the company not communicating,it follows what all their managements have done since I have followed this stock- Insmed overpromises and under delivers which is the opposite for bio stock appreciation..this is why I am skeptical on anything the company says.... so does the street- no one follows the company (wedbush doesnt count))

      The money raised for undetermined purposes was for hedge fund purposes.imho - you will get plenty of chances to buy cheaper,maybe so cheap if bandes right that you wont ever want to buy.
      Sold short at 7
      YTD= +11.3% 1 trade
      Good Luck

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