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  • terry_insm terry_insm Mar 13, 2013 8:19 AM Flag

    Sentiment and reality on this board- ,the iplex scam continues,,,4 years later

    No better example than the ongoing thread about Premacure. For years those who lost with the old Insmed have posted possibility after possibility concerning the drug Iplex.
    Insmed in their investor section and presentations omit this shelved drug,yet here somehow someway the "rights" will give way to huge! profits and rewards to shareholders.
    Its nonsense .....
    anyway the chart will show us the I mean those in reality
    Good Luck

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    • Terry, there is ver little or nothing you can do to stop this locomotive. When we hir $20 or higher by June, several of us will be very thrilled with our long held belief. As usual you have little clue as to the ramifications of yesterds development with Shire. By the time you figure it out (if that is remotely possible) your diaper should be soaked with regret. Take a breather. The pps launch is weeks away.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Iplex (the drug) is going to be rebranded Premiplex by Premacure/Shire and developed for preterm baby growth and development and (probably) prevention of ROP. Getting a premature infant out of the hospital sooner and at a larger weight is a very reasonable medical goal. Preventing ROP is a reasonable medical goal. The WINROP algorithm clearly shows that IGF-1 facilitates these medical goals. This is not a scam, it is straight forward improved, safe medicine for humans.

      INSM will only gain a royalty from all this activity because the only skin in the game for INSM is the IP. In Europe, there is no master file because Iplex of short stature was withdrawn as part of the Settlement Agreement. I am assuming INSM will get a 15% royalty on sales of Premiplex by Premacure/Shire. The development costs are already covered by the 54 million krona grant to Sahlgrenska (I checked, the grant was to the medical center).

      So there is bona fide interest in Iplex. It can go further than ROP. It will not be because of anything more than INSM outlicensing the IP which is the two cultures that produce the two combined proteins that form Iplex. And the world goes on spinning. But if you truly believe that people who manage the production and clinical use of Iplex/Premiplex well are not going to find other uses . . . you have no grasp of medicine or the business. It is going to be protracted and have to make up for 6 years of mismanagement by INSM, but it will happen. Unless a better form of IGF-1/BP-3 comes along.

      But as you have said before, you are really not a medical person anyway, so why make decisions above your pay grade?!?

      Arikace was on the same pathway until this guy Lewis took over. He seems to be able to channel peoples' best efforts into milestones. But I doubt that he is relying on any revenues from Iplex IP for years. It is just the basis for some bonus $$ in a few.

      Strong buy because of Arikace. Nothing more.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The receipt of a consent and waiver from Tercica, Inc., now the Ipsen Group ("Tercica")

      Expect this with the" updated ALS data "...... IF Shire gets the ball moving the residuals to Insmed will be as large as the rights deal money Insmed received .......and spent in 2011

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