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  • rehdvm2004 rehdvm2004 Mar 27, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    INSM will succeed . . .

    in spite of the bashing and spumping on this MB. The truth is always "in beteween." Never at the $0.68 SP or $250 SP levels. Somewhere in between. Not because of TB/Arikace, Pneumonia/Arikace or "Pheoniplex" (Iplex rising from the ashes) indications. Because Arikace will fit into the multiantibiotic rotation treatment of Pa, or have an exclusive position for treating NTM wioth efficacy not previously seen. The truth of medicine will prevail. The middle ground will rule the SP. Where medicine overcomes the adversity of disease is where the answer lies. Not with the stock manipulators who pervaid this MB each day. Not one stock manipulator milestoen has been attained since 2007 on this MB. Not one.

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    • Funny how the NTM headline comes out 14 hours after I posted last night about NTM being a "bell-ringer" for Arikace. That just reaffirms the value of being able to get a drug into a clinical therapy vacuum like treating NTM. I would not be surprised if the FDA Advisory Committee from NIH (directing institution for the nation wide NTM study) shared some data with the FDA. Just shows how slow and deliberate the regulatory process is in reality.

      The other post about the MMs knocking down the 6 month dog inhalation study is poppycock. The dog model would/could never show a precancerous lipid buildup. Dogs are carnivores and they eat fatty meat. Dogs do not even get cholesterol plaque in their arteries because the metabolize fat so well. If you want to clog an artery, feed cholesterol to a rabbit. That is a 3-4 month path to calamity. But they are strict herbivores and cannot digets fat at all. Only oils.

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    • the board is a hyperlie

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