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  • zake1 zake1 Apr 8, 2013 8:19 PM Flag

    When will you folks figure this out

    You would have to be somewhat mentally numb not to recognize that this stock is moved down on very
    little volume most mornings. Once the sell signal is established, then the buying comes in the afternoon.
    I have been coordinating buys in the afternoon and am doing quite well accumulating some stock. This isn't
    the act of dummies. This is intentional. And to add to this,,are the baseless negative posts. They are here
    to inject uncertainty into not only prospective buyers, but the current retail holders..I am not pumping this '
    stock,,,only making an observation.

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    • Right on target. The question is who is accumulating and who is manipulating on low volume? A fund? A big investor? A future partner? An interested suitor?

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      • If there was manipulation on this stock, at least the SEC would have an easier time in getting to the problem due to the low volume and limited number of shareholders. The 100 share trades wouldn't bother them too much, as all they would have to do is check the trading tickets for the buyers and sellers, and see what the pattern was.

    • Another irony of little volume, but the recent 10-k said there are only 154 holders of record in this stock as of Feb. 2013. How many of those are institutional, hedge funds, mutual funds? How many are directors and management?
      How many are traders & MM? How many are retail holders, and are they held as individual, jointly, trusts, retirement accounts, or fbo of children and grandchildren?

      It sure is a small number of stockholders, and easy to see why it can be manipulated up or down as Zake mentioned. This looks like an investigators' text book case.

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