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  • expert_facts_god expert_facts_god May 7, 2013 1:28 PM Flag

    Company said they will burn over half their cash this year


    at that rate they want last 2 years

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    • The burn rate has been carefully planned and is much lower than the immediate post merger plan of Whitten, et al. If you remember,Euro CF/Pa was $20-25 million (with the continuation trial), NTM was $15-20 million and the US CF/Pa was another $25 million. Now they have a plan to use the Euro data to get US FDA approval and extend the NTM to 25 patients who come directly off treatment/adverse reaction from other NTM therapies and get treated with Arikace. In case no one really heard what WL said yesterday, he specifically mentioned "CFUs" in sputum and "time to exacerbation." He is dropping clues all over the place about what INSM has a strong indication about. You just have to listen. He is correct in saying they will not discuss the data prior to Chiltren and/or NIH QA groups (at least) publishing interim data reports, but he did say (sic) that a peer reviewed scientific presentation on Euro CF/Pa data should be prepared sometime soon. And he did say the last patient had been treated, which means Clear 108 will go to the next stage on Clinical Trials DOT gov. So it is clear that all the Longs that suffered through the Iplex era of INSM wandering in the wilderness with a blindfold on now see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that WL has an intensity and focus on reality that is uncommonly achievement motivated in todays biopharma business environment. He just keep single mindedly plowing towards this goals. And earns his keep. I do now worry about the INSM management and staffers right now. They will either complete their assignments or . . . Adios!

      GLTAL. We still have a month or so to wait until the stock manipulators are Gonzo!

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      • Yes, Will can drop all the clues he wants, but the company is blinded to the results.

        Transave carefully planned ( and diluted old shareholders) until they needed another 20 Million to get to 2015( and that is their debt) The 2013 burn rate of 45 M+ is well known but 2014 is unknown-that being the "pathway year"...but data that is "not compelling" would affect not only a US CF timeline but NTMs
        and would will blow all these guesstimates out the window

        Wills forte is that of a hedge fund manager and he added liquidity to Insmed, but trading Insmed can be difficult since most traders have a minimum( say 1 M shares traded a day req)... most of Insmeds trading is being done within the Institutions that are here.(Also of note is the overall stock market with its low volume every day a record trading is Institutional trading- retail has not yet gotten back in.)

        I am as Will i am said... "hopefully optimistic on Arikace"
        Good Luck

    • this #$%$ bag just amkes up stuff. Please report him to the sec I have.

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