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  • jsblvbjb jsblvbjb May 29, 2013 3:11 PM Flag

    A lot of "assumptions" going on here...

    Despite fudfighters opinion about my personal buy/sell beliefs (I have publicly maintained "strong buy" since soon after I wavered following the rat study), I am simply making an "educated" guess about the near term direction of the stock price based on market reactions to unavoidable events. So, IMO, those Russell shares are "being" collected on a daily basis since one or two weeks ago. Conversely, many of the shares are being generated by short-sellers (not longs willing to sell for less than 30) who are preparing their own doom, because the prenegotiated Russell-tracking funds price is going to be north of the current price. The question is how much? Those pros that are accumulating shares are going to initiate a short squeeze by this time next week approximately (and IMO of course) that will determine that price. The one fly in the ointment is phase 3 results. And because those results are imminently due, any short squeeze could be misinterpreted as data leaking. If Insmed releases positive results, then that prenegotiated price is going to be renegotiated much higher, and Insmed will also take advantage of its new-found billion dollar status to tap its 100 million dollar offering. All this said, I believe Lewis has plans leading to a triple figure stock price 12 months from now. And fudfighter, the pros that are selling to Russell really don't care about long-term valuations based on phase 3 results, they're into that annual short-term Russell trade.

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    • Jesse - it drive me nuts that so many Longs take it personally when I ask them to clarify opinions they post.

      It's not personal. Surely you must have realised by now that whenever anybody posts an opinion I consider to be unrealistically negative, I ask them to elaborate?

      You posted you were confident that the accumulation for the Russell 3000 tracker funds would not drive the share price to $30 before the Phase III results were released.

      I simply can't see how over five million shares could be taken out of the Supply side below $30, and locked away for the next twelve months, when retail shareholders can be holding not more than nine million shares in total. Why would you take offence at my attempts to understand your reasoning?

      If you or any other honest Long considers I've behaved unreasonably towards you, the mature thing to do would be to send an e-mail to my fud.fighter2 address so that we can iron the problem out.

      It's madness when one considers the low-lives which pollute this forum that the honest Longs can't get along with one another.

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      • No offense taken, Michael. We've been through this Russell accumulation before, so I'm basing my prediction on past example. I guess that my prediction doesn't quite live up to your expectation for the supply/demand predicament that INSM is in, but the end result usually comes up short of expectations, as we've seen a number of times with INSM, but that happens with most stocks. People thought I was crazy for predicting 12 when the price was 6. So actually INSM is exceeding my rosy prediction, and I have no problem with it exceeding once again!

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