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  • fb0075 fb0075 Jun 28, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Last 30-60 minutes

    If we get any run today,thats when you will see it---but most likely the runup that we had was ,among other things,all we shall see.
    Russell rebalancing on the last day---there are more of these stocks down than up as funds have pre-arranged off market and already bought in the market---
    BUT we dont need anything but APPROVAL!!


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Seven minutes until another "idiot paperhanger" is unmasked.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • this will close below $12 today and then millions of shares will trade at the close. and the SP will still be below $12, and then Fud and Jesse will still wonder what went wrong. The Russell trade talk here on this board has been comical.

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      • I was a retail broker for 23 years and rarely saw anyone make any money on an index inclusion/ rebalancing trade. All the extra volume will happen at, or even after, the close. My guess is that the funds who are forced to buy have already bought (through some kind of intermediary, perhaps?) and that additional trades will post at today's close. Those shares that trade late today represent the entry into the index trackers. Maybe the intermediary (ies?) was the destination of those FBR liquidations.
        It may be possible to enter a limit order above the market that might get executed. But then you run the risk of being out of the stock for the weekend. And guess what will happen on Monday morning: There will be a trading halt, the news will be good and the stock will open at 19.50 without you in it! That's hardly a risk I'm willing to take after owning this thing for two and a half years.

      • I hope you wouldn't be so selfish as to waste our time with opinions plucked from your rear orifice, so I assume you're now going to show us why your opinion is of value to other users of this forum by -

        a) explaining the anticipated payoff from selling several million shares to the agents of the tracker funds for less than their fair value, or

        b) sharing with us the valuation calculation which supports your conclusion that the current share price reflects a fair valuation.

        If, on the other hand, you have nothing of value to contribute to the forum please feel free to not respond.

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