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  • jsblvbjb jsblvbjb Jun 30, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Hubby, don't let your heart be troubled...

    Insmed waited till after Russell funds acquired so as not to reward the hedgies and weak hands that prenegotiated to sell their shares for only 12 bucks. That's about 4 million shares that would have sold the news that is now locked up by long-term holders. Lewis is a genius when it comes to these things. Additionally he trapped the shorts like mice in an oven, and this weekend the heat is being added little by little, but not to broil them, because, Monday morning he's going to open the oven door with several hungry cats ready to pounce!
    I can't wait!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Boy,,,this is tasty...!! My good friend Terry is so beside himself that instead of providing his usual insightful
      and classy banter about how to assist all his followers on this board, he decided to attack a member of the
      righteous longs..Terry,,,I'm embarrassed for you..You're such a necessary part of this board...just not like
      this...Maybe you're under duress..Don't fret..we all admire you for your convictions..and don't ever forget..
      let it snow..let it snow...Baba loves convictions...

    • jesse "locked up" are you Evelyn? who posted (after Fridays close realizing her $ 30was idiotic) posted!
      that twice as many shares as we might have expected have been removed .. 'effectively from the float "
      You have no idea how the float works , how the short interest works or obviously how the market works.....
      You and fudfighter4 deserve each other- your make up cht and see if it sticks....for traders you are a l_iar
      MY ignore will be on superhi tomorrow morning...

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