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  • jsblvbjb jsblvbjb Jul 1, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    Both drugs were effective, but docs forced tobi patients to comply...

    In real world, less than 50% compliance hurts Tobi's effectiveness. Arikace works as well as twice daily forced-compliance Tobi. That's the story, folks.

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    • For those who want so see the future, check out the FDA's advisory panel's recommendation for the approval of Tobi inhalation powder. Efficacy was no better, but the FDA approved it because the convenience - even though still twice-daily - was expected to promote better compliance.

    • Shorts, don't blink!

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    • Absolutely. The FDA is going to love the data from this study.

      The combination of a high proportion of study patients who were not using Tobi beforehand, and rigorous enforcement of the twice daily Tobi regimen, produced numbers for Tobi which made Arikace look bad.

      But Tobi isn't used like that in real life - and I suspect the people who ran the Cayston and Colobreathe clinical trials didn't try very hard to ensure that Tobi was taken twice-daily. The performance of Tobi in those two studies was likely far closer to real life.

      And as the expert hinted during that call - CF patients are usually very well educated to new drugs about to become available, and will want to try the first once-daily antibiotic.

      Wouldn't be surprised to see the share price below $10 for a few weeks until the momentum players and less-informed shareholders have departed - followed by a long accumulation phase as investors looking longer term who understand the importance of today's results build positions.

      The effective removal of four or five million shares from the float should have left very few shares in weak hands - I'm expecting the party to have been simply delayed by a few weeks.

      A few analyst upgrades might move the party forward.

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      • Your fosfud.The data has problems.It was "too short" a study by the co own admission.Lewis statements on a US filing have changed, and looking for a path. The secondary points are omitted,the adverse affects are quieted.Will CF make it? hopefully ,but NTM is the co's focus .Go listen before you write one of your ignorantdiserations, ...Oh look the shorts just bought the move up ! tell us more Fud tell us more! What happens next - charlatan is a polite word l_iar is better

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