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  • hhand219 hhand219 Jul 5, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    what a week........lets see where INSM is on Jan. 1, 2014

    If you listen to the new negative posters, Iplex and now Arikace are worthless. $10.34 ... great
    future IMHO. Best Wishes

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    • H,,,let me get this straight...We have the coverage of analyst that stake their, and their company's
      reputation on being more right than wrong..and they willingly identify themselves by first and last
      name, complete with an address, and if you wish a phone number. These highly educated, and
      widely followed professional analyst all in unison agree that the news this week was both compelling
      and advances the arguement that this drug will be a success. But we, on the other hand have a
      couple ( could be one) board poster that posts message after message, many of which are
      clearly fraudulent, that this whole endeavor is failure. Now we don't know their true names, and
      we don't know their positions, but we should just blindly follow them because? let me repeat that..?
      The volume this week is speaking volumes itself..shares are being shook loose, but someone
      is buying them all up....wonder why? it's starting to make sense...

      • 3 Replies to zake1
      • lookin great

      • zake1 - we can disagree,but Analysts and clowns - high risk going forward

        The stupid posts by fudfighter4 and the usual suspects belie reality and investor sentiment.
        The results were disappointing is true- the trial met the primary endpoint of being not as good as TOBI - yippie!
        The adverse affects were smoothed over by Will Lewis who did an exemplary job of speaking to Arikaces advantages for CF patients.( duration, but competitor TIP is cheaper,effective and approved)
        Investors know that the regulatory pathway investor sentiment company finances were all lowered going forward,.CF in Europe in a couple of years is a minimal marketing victory imho- I predict it will not get first tier coverage in socialized medicine govt and drug coverage.

        The risks are much higher now - dilution delays are just 2 possibilities that should give all caution.The clowns will post out of theirass to make themselves feel good. My ignore and trading will continue on Monday
        Good Luck

      • so many questions......have a great weekend.

    • korthh Jul 5, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

      Like I said Monday, $15.00 by Sept.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

11.13-0.61(-5.20%)1:48 PMEDT