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  • kfuehrer kfuehrer Jul 31, 2013 4:02 AM Flag

    Analysis of the IDs/ characters and the company situation right now

    After following this board for years I would like to reflect some of my impressions:
    Everybody spending here hours per week by posting und replying has an agenda and/ or gets paid. Be shure they are always on the other side where they suppose to put your skin.

    So there are some types of agendas:
    1) playing a story or even something like: i know something what you don’t know but it is big and it will come soon. Here we have id´s like pianoman or jsblvbjb.
    2) The longs: posting positive comments, but often at least trading their positions
    3) The shorts: yelling to the end of the word and that you have to get out fast
    4) And last but not least: the famous ying and yang characters Terry and Fud. I never found a board at yahoo having such types spamming the whole board and trying to monopolize the whole discussion. But this couple with all their aliases have an agenda, but which one:
    a. Being traders who want to bring in volume/ spikes/ momentum to the trading community. So an investor might make impression based decisions after reading the board?
    b. Distract investors from this company because with such kind of investors better stick to companies with clean/ good boards?
    c. Attracting the attention to non events (like the index in-/exclusion) to prevent that the board discussion gets to the real interesting points? Meanwhile accumulation/ selling their positions?
    Anyone have similar impressions?

    My opinion is: insmed is now a save investment because of the ok pIII results. They will get out of the development-stage company profile to a company with a product at the market. And they now have to money to bring it to the market for shure without running out of money. Preventing #$%$ happens in this area, for me it is much better to have the money now by dilute a little bit because now I own shares of a company with a better cash position an no going on concern for the next years as it often was with insmed. As you can see they are getting as well the right persons on bo

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    • They are children or maybe just the same person I am hear to find answers. When our product was iplex we new how much product we had how long it took to produce. If we could start selling tomorrow how much is there to sell how soon to get up to useable amounts Dr.'s are not going to prescribe a drug they don't trust to be there when needed. SO all of you Fuds and Terry's and all the other children on this board If you can answer the Q.

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