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  • fudfighter4 fudfighter4 Aug 6, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    Does anybody here believe Zake and Bugsey?

    I've been urging shareholders to ask the SEC to investigate the Short trades of millions of shares below $12 around the time the news of the Phase III success was released - on the grounds that the only likely reason for the confidence of those investors in shorting so many shares at less than 60% of the average analyst valuation is foreknowledge of Insmed's plan to issue shares at around 50% of the average analyst valuation.

    Zake has just posted -

    "Fud's accusations where completely addressed this morning in the conference call. There was//is no impropriety in the fund raising, and everyone that listened to the call knows this."

    I didn't listen to this morning's call, and am not yet in the position to respond.

    But taking into account Zake's posting history I'd be prepared to bet a considerable amount of money that this was a blatant lie on his part.

    Anybody who professes to be in e-mail contact with Terry is almost certainly either Terry, or another cheap shyster like him. And if Zake is indeed lying it tells us a lot about Bugseypug's honesty in supporting his lie.

    Does anybody here believe Zake's claim that information supplied in this morning's call provided a credible explanation for the confidence of those Shorts which did not entail foreknowledge of Insmed's offering?

    If so, would you mind posting the gist of what was said please?

    Btw - to those here who have linked something I've posted to the Huffington Post site, I vaguely remember that site as being one which tries to load copious amounts of advertising and tracking data onto the computers of visitors. To save me the inconvenience, would you mind posting the gist of what you read there please?

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    • Fud,

      There was an investigation, about 10 years ago. Verdict - Wall Street was guilty. Did you ever stop and think who the main underwriters were for last month's stock offering? Right, the same firms putting out those price targets. It wouldn't surprise me if the investment bankers getting the underwriting fees had their office one door down the hall from the guy who penned the analysis. Nothing has changed on Wall Street. The fees have been earned by the bankers, the money's been raised by the company, now the shareholders will be left holding the bag. One whiff of bad news (safety concerns?) and that $24 target becomes a $4 target.

      Just like during the internet craze and the WorldCom/ Tyco/ Adelphia era, if you're basing your investment decisions on Wall Street's "sell side" research, Caveat Emptor!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Fud,,let me get this straight....You posted "I didn't listen to this morning's call, and am not yet in the position to respond. So you therefor proceed to post! Then you state that If I believe the fund raising was completely
      addressed this morning, and you didn't listen to the call, and through your own admission couldn't respond,
      you nonetheless call me a liar? Am I not entitled to my own opinion? You seem to be entitled to yours, even
      when it's based on not having any awareness...The short of what I am saying is EVERYONE for the most part
      is getting pretty tired of you casting aspersions. You make ridiculous statements, and then attack everyone on
      the board for not following you. You have even gone to the extreme by asking virtually every poster why they
      haven't called the SEC..YOU want an investigation to be stated. This will kill this company, and you know it..
      You want this investment to die...You are not a are a sharlatin..a lark if you will..You are
      doing your employer's bidding...This is why you won't state your holdings, or your true position..this is why
      you answer every question with an attack...never lettting yourself be pinned down. I think you've stepped over
      the line..and I for one would be happy to enjoin a liabilous suit against your actions if they don't cease. Maybe
      someone here will start a campaign to have you removed from this board...sounds good to me.

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      • Zake - my confidence in the likelihood that you lied was based upon previous instances of dishonesty on your part.

        After I made that initial observation I read something posted here which seemed to confirm my suspicions about you.

        But surely this is easily resolved?

        You posted the following -

        "Fud's accusations where completely addressed this morning in the conference call."

        Why don't you simply tell us all precisely what was said which, in your opinion, completely addressed my concerns about insider trading?

    • You appear to be developing some serious mental issues as of late.

      Take a week away from this message board and relax. Clear your head and quit complaining about things, over which, you have no control.

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