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  • beachinv beachinv Aug 8, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    These levels are good....

    Thks got some more shares. Iam a buyer at these levels. I think share price will be much higher going forward...;)

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    • kvncmcdd - seems youve liked these levels for years ( 2 years ago)
      Thanks to Cathy *** please multiply by 10 ***" I now own 54,350 shares of insmed once again. "
      " I bought all I could at 1.09 and 1.10..... by kvnmcddd ......but I have an additional 118K more shares today than
      last week...Smile! 11.18 and NOT drifting back to the .90s *** (They went to the 20s LOL!)**
      Got another 9,300 @ 1.11 -Mar10 04:04 pm Added more at 1.09 and wll add aother 24K worth
      Got another 9,300 @ 1.11 by•Mar 26 2010 4:04 PM .and the 122k you got at 1.18-1.23??

    • I think INSM is going to have to churn many millions of shares before any change in trend and with the fall off in volume it could take awhile. That dilution I think did more damage than good yea put cash in INSMs pocket but hurt shareholders and pps. The buyers of those shares bought them for 1 reason to FLIP. I sold 3/4 of my position took some profits now will wait till games are over before I re-enter. I am gonna guess between shorts and sellers INSM breaks 10 to perhaps 9.70 - 9.80 area, INSM should find solid support there. I keep looking for more FMR Beacon form 4 filings, one good thing haven't seen any for last week. Maybe they are done. But now gotta contend with that last low ball dilution shame on the BOD for stopping the upward trend that was building. They just handed the shorts ammunition to keep the pressure on, the shorts knowing there are shares coming from the dilution from the millionaire FLIPPER. But don't worry the BOD will make sure they get their options and most will sell them just as soon as they get'em. IMO WL needs to step back and re-think. NTM is a ways out so shorts and sellers are in control for now. I still contend shareholders should have been afforded the opportunity to pick up some of those shares on the cheap. Some would have sold but I think many would have held. Then INSM would not be going thru this millionaire FLIPPER as they short and sell to collect on both sides at retailers expense. That was a very Bad Move Will, you have lost confidence from the street and made Analysts look like fools. They are all afraid of what you will do next, except perhaps your millionaire buds.

    • Beach, kinda like catching a falling knife. I have to believe there will be support around the lower $10's. I'm ready to buy more, but I've not seen a bottom trend yet.

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