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  • insmhistorian insmhistorian Aug 10, 2013 11:00 PM Flag


    I'm a little bored tonight so I thought I would do some FMR research (LOL) and I found some interesting things (see below). I decided to do this because much has been made of FMR sales recently.

    1) At the end of the first quarter, FMR reported that they held 4,719,290 shares

    2) According to my calculations, using figures from their Form 4 filings, they sold 409,403 shares. Thus, I am anticipating that they will report soon their 2nd Quarter holding numbers to be around 4,309,887 shares (If anyone disputes this, please let me know)

    3) To be fair, I also looked at their Form 4 filings for July and found that they sold 913,418 shares

    4) If my calculations are correct, that should leave them with a current total of 3,396,469 shares. Thus, that would leave them below the 10% threshold of having to file a future Form 4 (unless they go above that figure again). Can anyone confirm this?

    So, a question that seems to be raised is whom did they sell those shares to? A personal question of mine (because I just don't know) is it possible that some of those shares were transferred to individual Fidelity mutual funds? The reason I ask this is because of the top 10 mutual fund holders of Insmed, 5 are Fidelity mutual funds.

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