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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Sep 2, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Mike75x5 - please elaborate?

    Re your -

    "I remember the run up that preceeded the MMD results and the constant PUMPING that apenny engaged in. When it crashed in a big way, I remember (rightly or wrongly) feeling duped by apenney."

    - I wondered what you were trying to compensate for by putting the term "pumping" in block capitals, so I cast my mind back.

    I recall offering revenue projections should iPlex be approved as a therapy for MMD. I also recall offering my personal estimates of possible outcomes of the Phase II study, along the lines of -

    a) Compelling efficacy
    b) Reasonable efficacy
    c) Poor efficacy
    d) Failure

    I'm not certain that the categories were as I've just described - other than the fact that outright failure was one of the scenarios I suggested, and that I put the chances of that happening at either 10% or 15%.

    So that everybody here is quite clear on your excuse for attacking me - was this the "pumping" you feel duped you?

    If so, do you think you put the term in block capitals because you were all too aware that many investors would have an entirely different opinion of your accusation if they knew what the alleged pumping entailed?

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