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  • magicseeker101 magicseeker101 Sep 16, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    Go away one day

    Yes this is a total breakdown of the chart. I said charts are 60% only. Im still with the company. Not ready to say it yet, not sure stop could be 15.5 then perhaps 15.00. Good news is needed here.

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    • Pretty good, look I'm here long, just exercising my charting. No need blame me for pull backs. I thought 15.50 with a possibilty of 15. It hit 15.50 now its trying to break up. Cant tell yet but it was a good sign thaf it blew past 16.00 with little resistance.
      My charts still show 18 medium term, say two months. However as I say often, news blows charts away so this charting is silly here. There are some good analysts here examining the facts. They have to be laughing at my play. I don't blame them. Lol

    • Total breakdown of the chart,seriously magic? Are we gonna have to go at it again? The stock has made huge gains and needs to pullback to 15.00 or a little bit higher preferable like 15.15-15.25,before it can go much higher ,it`s called consolidation or a gap fill,either way it`s imperative for it`s health.Obviously news out tomorrow or Wednesday would interrupt this gap fill and cause a continuation on the run,but I would rather that not happen until the gap fill is over and it`s heading back up for more of a run first,then some news would be nice to give the up strength and conviction,but it`s not needed because the chart is a thing of beauty and the stock will go much higher on it`s own.Did you see the CDC report today?Because it`s signals how beautiful of a position INSM is in for approval for CF. Your wording of your post is very suspicious to me because there`s no breakdown of the chart,I believe it`s more wishful thinking on your part,for whatever reason.Either your caught short or looking to get back in,either way no longs are paying any attention to you. My advice is start buying immediately if you get anything close to 15.00 because it`s a gift from the Gods at this point,the stock and the company are just looking awesome.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • lux19insm Sep 16, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

      As much as I like reading about all the good stories about arikace.... We need some significant news soon. Question is what will it be?

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