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  • terry_insm terry_insm Sep 29, 2013 5:36 PM Flag

    Insmed - no approved products- weekend buyout nonsense.

    Arikace will be used in a rotation with other antibiotics and only in socialized countries, the stock is fully valued based on an approval in the EU, a year and a half away. NTM is an unknown........and yet silly guesses! The orphan CF sales outside of the US will surely be less than a 100 Million so the current valuation adds the COH
    which will be depleted over the regulatory review period.(CEO hopeful to launch 2015.
    Current biotech buyout premiums avergae around 30-40% if Insmed was a buyout target..certainly they are not now. If NTM hits and the FDA allows filing the picture changes, 2 very big IFs..............Show me

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    • The U.S. is now a country with socialized healthcare. Sounds like a big market to me.

    • Is NTM orphan also?

    • Tery, Tery. What a nervous wreck you are. Why do you care about valuation whe you own no shares and have no clue what is happening in the background. A major pharma will pay well over a billion if they smell a new pipeline opportunity. Let us know your genius take when we cross $20 this Fall. Perhaps even $25. My bet is that you will not be posting when that happens. But then again, you are Terry...the guru on this board.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Terry. Here's a novel idea. Show us some facts on how you base your valuations. I know you think you are very smart, so why don't you prove it to us. I'm sure you know what "facts" are. They are the opposite of your "suppositions" that you litter the message board with every day.

      While you're at it, can you give us the three facts that your friend backwardpalm presented on the healthcare issue. Can't wait to see what you present to us!

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