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  • michael_coen Oct 10, 2013 4:34 AM Flag

    shorting frenzy?

    What a day! check out the daily FINRA short data (for yesterday):

    ticker / short vol / exempt / total vol
    INSM / 87898 / 14709 / 596372
    SRPT / 440095 / 35349 / 1805348
    CLDX / 590838 / 106664 / 2858303
    ACAD / 965277 / 176864 / 4390726
    ARIA / 7387778 / 1802478 / 38976397

    you can work out relative percentages, eg. 14.7% of trading in insmed yesterday were short sales (which is actually very low for Insmed) but 16.7% of the short volume was "exempt" (from the uptick rule), ie. shorted at pricing above national best bid. exempt volume IS very unusual (for insmed).

    shorting experts should tell us what that means, but I think it means shorts will happily sell borrowed shares even when the price is rising.

    I am worried? Normally yes (because Insmed insiders are historically always behind the short selling activity - it's just too obvious now) but given yesterday's across-the-board sell off/shorting of biotech, this is not Insmed-specific.

    Anyway, today will be green (because shorting is banned until tomorrow), and there WILL be news from the NACF (at least an e-poster giving more detail into P3 Arikace v Tobi). It's supposed to be a scientific disclosure of data, but don't be fooled: Insmed paid for trial (actually WE did, but that's not how mgt/BOD sees it) and will heavily influence the presentation of data to suit their agenda, as they did already July 1st).

    shorts: feel free to explain to us losers what's going on...


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    • I think that market makers and indexes are exempt from shorting restrictions. Yesterday was about selling and not shorting. People decided to sell and likely buy back at a lower price. Now the market rallies the next day. Short interest is still at close to 100% of available shares to short.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • As posted, the short interest (yesterday at a low 17%) used little ammo since there was heavy selling.
      Many who sold 3 days ago were more than happy to take say a 25% profit.
      NACF ? the next big thing? really?JMHO but the eposter presentation will be bubble gum all right,will the data be favorable to the EU? hmm you got a year to wait on that one, until then,keep those cards and letters coming in.
      btw- Bugsey and fudfighter hot on the trail for " some insider information causing this steep decline "
      amazin.....simply amazin

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