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  • terry_insm terry_insm Nov 14, 2013 5:58 PM Flag

    Warning signs....overall market and Insmed

    The market floats all boats,especially stocks that have no earnings,and kills them too.The Dow is getting pretty frothy and normally a 10 or 20% correct would be normal and healthy for the market, but with the Fed pumping out 85B free money a month, maybe it really is different this time, or at least until the Fed turns off the funds.A couple of warning signals are already here- According to the New York Stock Exchange, total margin debt has risen to a new all-time high. and ( like this board- Bearish sentiment is dangerously low.ALWAYS has been the case at a stock market big correction- always.(sentiment studies are contrary indicators),so extreme bullishness (or an absence of bearishness) is a danger sign.
    added to my INSM short and am ahead on the trade.Fri/Mon will determine the move and I agree with Mike,the chart is indicating a uptrend...also a signal that appears before a correction - Good Luck

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    • Derivatives are also at an all time high. I like the "line"today

    • How's your shorting business doing? Need an impuls, I presume?

    • michael_coen Nov 15, 2013 3:05 AM Flag

      Well Terry, I recommend you invest in ETFs that short the DOW (double or triple short as you wish), instead of trying to scare genuine investors away from their holdings to suit some immoral personal twisted agenda.

      NO ONE trades insmed (in either direction) based on what any jerk (you, Bande or Fud) posts in this board

    • I agree with you as far as the state of the markets..I think the funds, and institutional investors are going
      to continue to add to their positions going into the year end because they want the hot names on their
      year end recaps..I also think a 20% correction is not out of the question. I think the market is priced for
      perfection, and at best next year is being forcasted at a 5% earnings growth rate..If that is true, which by
      the way might not be (most forcasts looking forward are too aggressive..This year was forcast at 10%
      and is only producing 5) this is going to make 2014 very challenging. As far as INSM is concerned, my
      position is pretty clear. I do think we could have some stock value fluxuations, and that to me is normal.
      I do expect we hear some good news within the next 90 days.
      Good luck..

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