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  • kinkey_boots kinkey_boots Nov 22, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    The prescriptive clinical protocol will be re-written around whatever success Arikace has shown in clinical trial against NTM.

    There is an amazing statement.The sucker post of 30k X every single patient shows they dont know a dang thing.I am betting more clinical work will be required before anyone can estimate revenues. Arikace will never get there on the first try.

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    • Most important is the fact that Dr. Kenneth Olivier enrolled a 90th patient and stopped the study. Anyone think that it was not because KO had not seen extremely important clinical findings? Lets see what the next Will Lewis PR says.

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      • Dr Oliver didn't "stop the study" "because of "extremely important clinical findings" after enrolling the 90th patient. The recruitment of 90 patients was required per protocol The study was powered to achieve statistical significance with 80% power to demonstrate a one-step change in the seven-step scale measuring bacterial density. No need to "wait for a PR" You've got a few fooled.

    • Antibiotics are administered when there are clinical symptoms and when there is a bacteria isolated that is susceptible to an antibiotic. Antibiotics are not administered arbitrarily, unless you have a sore throat and visit a GP for diagnosis and therapy. If they perform a Strep Test or a culture, they may prescribe a cephalosporin or Amoxicillin and then change when they get the culture and sensitivity test results back and find something not diagnosed, or a resistant strain of bacteria. The $30 K is a clone of the presumptive CF Pa protocol. 28 days on, 28 days off for a year.

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