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  • terry_insm terry_insm Jan 22, 2014 1:59 PM Flag

    reality check :

    No, I am not a few of our "bashers". but I am supposedly one of them.Timeline - last year when I said approval is hopeful by 1st quarter 2015 ( that now is extremely hopeful), zippy(dorian whatever) says !!!It wont take that long!!!!! as if informed investors are just supposed to believe his ignorance.
    Market size from 140 charct is not so unbelievable - one of Insmeds analysts says outside of the US about 75 M in 2018.Ask former Amylin investors the power of big pharma even when a smaller co has a better drug.
    and stupid is not- The approval as safe and effective carries a label of possible precautions- Arikace will get one too- NO ONE KNOWS at this time what the EU may see in the results data
    NTM is the story and hopefully soon so the iplex idiots can go into their shell. Good Luck

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    • ..No, I laugh. when I adjusted my portfolio last Aug, I invested in other bios upon DD. Insmed has done well and my views on the company and a chart and Institutional interest are about as far as I will pump. INSM GL

    • Amazing HUBRIS, Terry...

      First, giving your post a title of "reality check" that contains your OPINIONS.
      Next whining about others calling you a basher, then proceding to bash Arikace's prospects and Insmed's timeline to release NTM results, calling Q1 "extremely hopeful", which I would interpret to mean "possible but extremely unlikely". Contrast that to the latest Investor Presentation on the Insmed website, posted just a few weeks ago, plainly states NTM Data 1Q2014 (circled in red for emphasis) [slide 8, top left]. Followed by the condescending "as if informed investors...." comment. Then defending a couple of idiotic posters, and calling those that see Iplex as an asset as idiots.

      Sentiment: Buy

      • 1 Reply to risingedge77
      • Rising. What else would you expect from a subagent of Novartis? He clearly will not differentiate between fact and opinion, and there is a reason for it. Through the years there have been many contrarian views on the assets of Insmed, and Terry has subversively been like a phony friend of Insmed. His intentions are spelled out in many of his multiple IDs, and has rarely substantiated any of his claims. He will purposely lie, twist any facts, or malign any possible positive event of Insmed. The big question is why. What reason does he have to do all those things. Because he wants to be considered smart or a savvy investor?? By opening his mouth or typing his thoughts, we know that would be false. So what other reason would there be? Money? If all else fails, try this approach. Institutional ownership is supposedbly 75% to 80% by now. Retail ownership is lower since the merger. Terry is here for a reason.

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