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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Jan 28, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    Blase / Bo - the DHW has been here for years

    A quick scan through posts mentioning AMLN reveals the following post by the DHW on June 15 2002 (mrsandiego id). Does that last line remind you of anybody?

    [ chem24_2000,
    I read with interest your post and I think your "opinions need some DD"
    Your "narrow revenue" by all acounts(Lehman, Goldman Sachs) point to a 1.5 Billion dollar market in 2006. A few points to help you.
    Your criticism of injecting oneself is indeed a non-issue with Type 1 diabetics. Using less insulin, most would use Symlin with a "pen" a very simple device.
    Some (many) will mix it themselves.
    If you are in fact in the real world you know this will be done. One of the tests the company is currently doing for the FDA is a mixing test. Symlin won't be approved on these terms but off label use will be done and done by many who need the relief of "feeling better".

    No HbA1C number, just feeling better. You can talk to people who have used the drug and they all come away saying this. (It's also in the NDA) The weight loss, less insulin..... niche market you say ? yup ,right to endos and total profit going right into the coffers of the company.

    You're T2 attitude I won't argue with here,Exendin will address that.
    The drug is so powerful it achieves in 28 days with such a small amount what Insulin takes much longer that a Billion dollar market is projected.(less Insulin again)
    It has also shown to start beta cell regeneration in mice, but no need to go there.

    So we lead up to Amylins once a month spray of ac2993, which will knock the socks off off everyone. Yes, you're right Type 2's a non compliance bunch, and with Alkemes the company will get there long before you guys.

    Who's buying this stock? DR Jay Skyler, former President of the ADA and current VP Intern diabetes assoc. (Insider buys AMLN) ........

    Good Luck, diabetics need all the help they can get get, but if you have not looked into why so many are buying this company, well....
    you might get crushed........

    Buy der stack ! ]

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