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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Mar 8, 2014 3:30 PM Flag

    List of cloned ids belonging to the DHW


    Fwiw at least one poster apart from the DHW has found it hilarious to clone ids of INSM Longs.

    But those below are the DHW's. And the list is almost certainly far from complete, as I've only noted those which have stood out as being his (and then only when I've had the spare time).

    To all here who have been cloned - congratulations on whatever you did to deflate his ego.

    Date of first use / id

    30-May-06 - sheepherderr1976
    01-Jun-06 - suparcharja
    05-Jun-06 - nanookkriows
    06-Jul-06 - readil29
    28-Aug-06 - portix10

    01-May-07 - zip5112003
    17-Aug-07 - bandehcamillo
    17-Aug-07 - cvarg4
    24-Aug-07 - iinsmhistoriar
    29-Aug-07 - tdtnvvm
    20-Dec-07 - ziip512003
    20-Dec-07 - zip5l2008

    09-Apr-08 - g_nct_g
    08-Jul-08 - checksurshrortts
    31-Jul-08 - joanie_de_11
    09-Aug-08 - ddiicldo

    13-Feb-09 - knncdd
    23-Mar-09 - apennyern
    14-Jun-09 - read_thiis_now

    15-Mar-10 - kvnmcddd
    15-Mar-10 - zip51200498
    18-Apr-10 - zip51200934
    23-Apr-10 - zip51200493
    28-May-10 - junkbomd13
    23-Jul-10 - zip51200316
    09-Oct-10 - aocha1onng

    26-Feb-11 - fudfighter33
    01-Mar-11 - robekrias
    06-Mar-11 - kvnmcdcd
    22-Mar-11 - bohemianclubmam
    22-Mar-11 - frankfrazzaa
    03-Apr-11 - kvnmcddddddd
    16-Sept-11 - kvnmccd
    09-Oct-11 - tippy_09l37
    02-Dec-11 - dorainrivers21

    15-Feb-12 - bohemainclubman
    17-Feb-12 - angiecacchillo
    29-Feb-12 - fudfiighter3

    07-Mar-14 - blasepd31
    07-Mar-14 - xl0bagger
    08-Mar-14 - fudfighter8

    I'd be willing to bet most investors who use this forum simply dismissed my claim of over a hundred ids.

    Would anybody PAY him to do this?

    Bear in mind also his debunked whoppers about his "ytd" trading profits. What sort of mental age must a person be to spend his life playing such a childish game?

    This topic is deleted.
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      26-Mar-14 blasedp3l
      26-Mar-14 levonchikio
      27 -Mar-14campfundl
      03-Apr014 johnmatson6l

    • Why all this desperation now? Wedbush and Terry and team got the PPS down where the all seem "credible" even though that should not last. We still have 99 institutions who have not budged these past few weeks. Also, after the Adam F Street article, we have had many analysts up their PT or initiate coverage. This is just a waste of space here and I bet when the NTM PH II results are reported THEY will find something wrong with it. I believe DoRIAN has circled March 25th for the report. I am thinking based on the expedited 4th QTR and EOY results reported this past week, it will be in the next 2 weeks maybe even this Tues-Thurs. If Schimmer, who joined Piper Jaffray last year is wrong, as well as UBS, Canaccord, HC Wainright and JMP securities, this is my last rodeo with this company. But, I think they are right.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I'm trying something new. I have rejected my morbid fascination with this strange individual (kinda like staring at a traffic accident) and put terryble and all his transparent aliases on ignore. That would include: themanfromkohlrabi, sin-til-zee, backwardpalaver, kinkybooze, 140cataracts etc, etc, etc.
      Then, all his posts pile up at the bottom of the page like footnotes, and I emphasize UNREAD footnotes, as they are truly unworthy of a read. You can merely judge the level of his frenzy by how many unread messages pile up at the bottom of the page. I like this as a possible sentiment indicator and might try plotting it against INSM share price.

    • That's incredible fud,, makes me believe the D in your DHW might as well stand for deranged. Yesterday someone pointed out that he was posting back and fourth between clones and that is really deranged.... Lets see, a deranged clown... I bet Stephen King met Terry back in the 90'S

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