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  • bohemianclubman bohemianclubman Mar 9, 2014 10:12 AM Flag

    Cramers Tool

    It is nearly crazy how suddenly this article that was published by The Street.Coms Adam Fuerstein - aka Cramers B,, is being posted again... It shows us how far Insmed has come, as they always had enough REAL issues that the deranged clown could use. If anybody needs a refresher sir Adam questioned the way Insmed presented there phase III data for CF. Lewis put the entire issue to rest on the company's next conference call with just eleven words - "We presented the data the way the FDA asked us to." However, the clown was correct in saying that the data did not show superiority. It didn't.... Until the results of the extension study were published recently! Posting old useless articles and commenting on just a piece as opposed to total data,,, yep Insmed has come a long, long way!

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    • Cramer and Wedbush are no different then UBS or others.They work for their bosses too.The truth of the street article is that Insmed has released very little of the data of the cystic fibrosis trial results almost 9 moths ago.

    • Unfortunately Bo the unwashed masses read these type of articles and react to them not knowing any facts. It amazes me that there are so many idiotic people who invest money without having a clue what they're investing in. It's the lemming phenomenon: if so and so says it, it must be true, so I will follow his advice and go over the cliff with him. The morons who post negatively here are an example. They follow Terry the Tool who has been an idiot here for several years. It's easy to post on an anonymous board where no one is able to come face-to-face with them. Just once.

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      • I know Doug, I really believe that this would be a really good, informative message board if it wasn't for....I, like you, always think "just once..." By the way I only own two bio's and the other one, OHRP got ripped by Cramers tool a few weeks ago and fell from 15 to 10, but closed at 17 Friday. Buying stocks after they get the wrath of Fstein is becoming a pretty good money making strategy

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