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  • justarook04 justarook04 Mar 9, 2014 1:49 PM Flag

    Negative Market perception and emotion

    Unfortunately, it only takes one or two negative remarks, articles or a downgrade that can turn the momentum and perception of a stock around. It erases, most times, all the good comments made previous. Jaffray came out with a $45 PT ($11 increase) and some strong hints with it AND the market barely gave much notice. Our financials were "in line" and known WAY before last week yet the market took the negative turn. Insmed can not comment either. All that we can hope for, while we wait, is another analyst to chime in POSTIVELY or for UBS to reiterate that $31 erasing what the market still thinks (that UBS downgraded too to $11). Fidelity has UBS having a sell for Insmed using the 2/11/14 date (when Wedbush downgraded). Lots of these sites don't verify their information and just react to some not so accurate news. No matter what anyone thinks right now, the NTM top-line Ph II report will be the trump card. Of course if one patient grew longer toe-nails taking ARYKACE (or what ever name it is), I am sure Terry-INSM and the 1000 IDs will claim that as a serious adverse event. GLTA

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    • Actullay, rook, the type of traders selling after the earnings announcement did so because they are afraid to hold through a trial result PR. They are chicken traders! Even Fudfighter is trying to temper expectations for the NTM trial, but here's the plan per Insmed: combine NTM/CF data for simultaneous EU and FDA filings to support approvals in both indications in both markets. Why the confidence? It's elementary, my dear Watson! Arikace trial as designed by Tim Whitten was darn-near fail-proof, and can beat the placebo by simply showing minimal efficacy against the NTM bacteria. Watch what happens when Insmed reports that Arikace has exceeded expectations!

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      • Pianoman - it wasn't my intention to temper expectations. I was just pointing out that for anybody prepared to hold shares INSM is easily worth the current share price even WITHOUT good results from the NTM study.

        Btw - I'm sure the DHW cloned your id also. I did search for evidence of cloned ids of the Longs who have been regular posters before posting that list - but I fear a number of you may have been a little too efficient in dealing with the clone :-)

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