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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Mar 20, 2014 10:22 AM Flag

    The DHW and that Short trade at $7.81 ...


    Here, apart from my "NB", are the relevant comments posted under his T...y_i..m id -

    Nov 29 ... tipping point $7.81 ............

    Dec 13 ... Calling the short @ $7.81 .... the target ($6.12) and the results- so why didnt I take the trade understanding full well the position? ..... My portfolio is cash rich. When we get to 6.12 - the signal will be so strong I may take the trade.

    Dec 14 ... No, I didnt take the short trade from $7.81 because of the news story that will effect all markets. The fiscal cliff is just 2 weeks away.imo an agreement will power the market on a rally. I like many investors sit on the sidelines durning the Holiday season, safe and cash rich - in case.

    NB: Because of the potential for investors to re-enter the market on the back of a deal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, he did NOT short at the $7.81 "tipping point" he had predicted in November. He was still "on the sidelines" during the Holiday season.

    But the temptation to boast when a prediction he reads elsewhere and posts here proves to have been accurate excuses the odd white lie -

    Jan 22 ... Happy to be short since 7.81

    Jan 24 ... still short INSM since $7.81 ,the downtrend continues

    Jan 25 ... still short INSM since $7.81,the downtrend continues

    Jan 30 ... YTD +20% (see the short since 7.81)

    Jan 31 ... but technically we are tipping (short since 7.81)

    Feb 3 ... but technically we are tipping..... (short since 7.81)

    Feb 4 ... for me its been running since $ 7.81

    Feb 4 ... PS- short since $7.81 and profitting.

    Feb 6 ... YTD +27% short since $7.81

    Feb 8 ... (or me short from $7.81)

    Feb 11 ... From $7.81 ....

    Feb 12 ... YD - short since 7.81

    Feb 14 ... YTD - +22% short since $7.81

    Feb 18 ... short since $7.81

    Feb 21 ... short since $7.81 YTD 21%

    Feb 21 ... YTD +21% short since $7.81

    Feb 22 ... YTD + 21% short since $7.81

    Feb 26 ... YTD +25% short since $7.81

    Feb 28 ... Short since $7.81....YTD+24%

    Mar 4 ... YTD - Up 23% short since $7.81

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Fud, while I agree totally that no stock should be bought or sold because of what is read on a message board, I also think that they can be a good source of information as part of an overall due diligence campaign. This board has some pretty thought provoking posts from time to time..... and T---y I---m and the hundreds of ID's he uses now account for about 90% of all posts.....IMO he is winning by destroying the usability of this board. Obviously he does so without any thought whatsoever that there could ever be consequences for doing so and I suppose that he is probably right. Those that stay here see right through him and pay no attention at all to his rantings nor his mesiah complex, but how many have come to visit and left? It's sort of interesting because if you were to google - boardreader INSM, you find a site that recaps message boards along with the most active posters. Last weeks most active don't include him - they don't even consider him a poster.... They apparently consider him a... nothing!!

      • 2 Replies to bohemianclubman
      • What I find most depressing about the DHW is the apparent inability of others here to mentally construct a profile of him.


        1. He is so dumb that he has boasted about his profits from Shorting INSM for years without ever grasping the concept that a Short trade is essentially a normal trade in reverse.

        Had he understood that he would not have posted the recent claim of covering a Short trade in order to free up "dead money" to invest in promising biotechs.

        2. He tries to create the appearance of being a successful trader by inventing trades.

        3. He is most active on days when INSM is in the red. We hardly hear from him on days when we see a significant gain in the share price.

        If he was here to affect the share price he couldn't afford to be discouraged when we're in the green.

        4. He has been hanging around this forum for over ten years, using a ridiculous number of ids along the way.

        There is no financial incentive behind what he's been doing here. When you're as dumb as he is - boasting about non-existent trades, playing games with ids, and "taunting" are all the incentive he needs.

      • I concur bo!!
        Give T**y the silence of the lamb.

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