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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Mar 24, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    Those with money invest - those without taunt

    Examples going back ten years of the DHW boasting about his "taunting". He actually admitted when somebody cornered him a few years ago that he used Califflla as a "trading id".

    1. T...y_i..m - despite Roberts new IDS those posts are obvious but to investors.I am not taunting now and I WANT the hoopla to get bigger!!

    2. Themanfromkolob - amazing chart pattern. ha ha stop taunting these idiots

    3. Califflla - I did not post the taunt of delisting but I think it is very possible - we shall see.I always put risk in the equation and zippy never does

    4. Hankandwife - Yes I am a califfla watcher and have watched this guy do the same - taunting you all but in traders terms he has been very accurate.

    5. Dfuntiime - zip is not only the star machine here,he has proven himself the total fool.Calif used to taunt him as the stock went into freefall,now he just makes him look stupid

    6. Matsonman - Most know cali to be spot on the last couple of years. I read it and he has taunted these novices,but the Ignore is the only way to go here

    7. Biochenvestor - cali has been painfully correct on the stocks price movement and yeah he taunts while making good trading observations.

    8. Elcajonsheila - dont post much here but califfla is by far the most informed intelligent poster here if he would knock off the taunting.

    9. Thetanv11 - There are a few good posts here but the poster califla seems to be a favorite, yet ,do a search (as I did) - he is taunting , and Yes posting facts.

    10. Masterncmdr - Look at the reponses to the post.cali has been taunting you with reality ? and this is all you can say ?

    11. Williarnhales1 - Every day I've watched this poster( although I think its more than 1 person) take you all for a ride, all the while between taunts,logically calling the steps down.

    12. Eastofggwy1 - There are many big investment houses that deny sub 5 dollar stock shorting,but many like mine at Tradestation will. He's factual , but is taunting you guys

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