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  • thewanderer50 thewanderer50 Apr 1, 2014 9:10 AM Flag

    Motley Fool articles taken down??

    I sold my shares based upon the Motley Fool article on the 26th, stating that side affects made the drug unprescribable.......... now I can't bring up the article? Also, 2 articles on the 31st are gone. Is it blatant manipulation? Thanks for serious comments on this.

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    • One of the articles makes no sense - it says: "Although the serious adverse events profile was similar to the control arm, Arikayce is really going to have to demonstrate a statistical benefit to outweigh any efficacy and safety concerns the FDA may have if it ever hopes to be approved." If the adverse effects profile is similar to the control arm why are their safety concerns? Also isn't curing 25% to a statistical lelvel? Finally, how does curing people rasie efficacy concerns?

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      • Understand that there has been a coordinated effort to confuse and frighten potential shareholders and existing shareholders. It may have been institutional buyers and hedge funds or, possibly, one of the big pharmas - or all of the above. We have seen a more than doubling of institutional ownership in the past year or so. Planted articles, innuendo, shorting and other misinformation has been pretty consistent for a number of years in varying degrees. Someone either stands to lose a lot of money or wants to make a lot of money. Greed has no boundaries. But, this little ruse has almost run it's course and the bad behavior is now useless. They will get approved and product will be in-market this at some level - and the sp will continue to ratchet up for years to come. This may well be a Biogen in the making, who gets a valuation in excess of 14x top line revenues.

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    • They're still there under the headlines section of Insmed on Yahoo Financial

    • Motley Fool lost all it's credibility in the late 90's. (if it ever had any to begin with) Most people look at them as a joke pretty much since then. Even so, to take the advice from any 1 source is pretty naive. Ask 10 economists where the economy is heading and you'll get 10 different answers. Most analysts are lucky if they're right 60% of the time. I guess you learned your lesson.

    • You used this a precursor to make your negative point. Good thing you weren't with the Indians at
      the battle of bull run..Even Custer could have seen you coming.

    • The Motley Fool is sensationalist in their articles but usually lacking in facts. They are a headline operation and should never, never be looked at as anything but entertainment with an occasional fact sprinkled in to garner some credibility.

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