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  • fud.fighter2 fud.fighter2 Apr 12, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    Newsagebios ...

    Problem is he has a track record going back to the 90s of making up stories aimed at imparting credibility to the delusional drivel he posts.

    Apart from claiming under a couple of ids that he has dyslexia, he also posted both of the following -

    "As a Mexican and a mother with students at SD State,I saw arguments like yours with the schools football Logo,and simply laughed.
    When I lived in the D.C. area some fools were
    complaining about the Redskins name as being (roll call please-politically correct word! _ Culturally Insensitive !!!
    I think whiners like marty need to - GET REAL"

    "did you get to look into what a real doctor might say ?
    I did.(Yes I am Latino, and Ill bet this where a BIG market is ! huh !) lots of Off label - maybe hundreds of millions"

    I've seen lots of posts which include suggestions that there is diabetes in the family - but is that any great surprise for a loser who wants it to be thought his opinions are of value concerning a stock which is heavily reliant upon developing diabetes therapies?

    Look back at the famous "cocktail party" post. If there was a diabetes connection one wonders why he never mentioned it then.

    Either he made up the story about the diabetes or he made up the story about the cocktail party. My money says both were lies.

    Btw - I couldn't make sense of the info you posted about his profile mentioning Wounded.

    Would you mind either having another go or e-mailing it to me please?

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