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  • fmjtfb fmjtfb Jul 3, 2014 7:08 PM Flag

    Interesting tidbit

    In a new report the analysts at Cowen point out a very interesting item. Their work shows that, on average, stocks gained 84% in the 12 months prior to approval and lost 24% in the 12 months after the FDA approval. They also pointed out the companies are rarely acquired a year before or after approval.

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    • Reply to NTM revenue = $3.5 billion (110,000 cases * $35,000) by blank2thisone •Jun 29, 2014 4:15 PM
      gertrude_theduck • Jul 16, 2014 10:23 PM Flag
      nonsense.\ I suggest this poster{if real} watch the symposium.\ the 110000 cases you cite are all cases,but only a few thousand will be critical enough and the treatment decision to be considered

    • =========Arikayce for CF from a "500 M opportunity " to not much
      A year has passed since announcing the results which although showing durability, not much else. Insmed has not filed anything with anyone.The EU approval process is aprx 13 months when they finally do file. Insmed is not entering the US market. With strong competition in the CF market, Insmed seems to be in no rush to roll out a sales force for CF. I do not see more than 100 M tops for this indication. .and neither do following analysts. After the roll out hype ,Arikayce for CF is truly an "orphan "product.The focus is on NTM which received a limited breakthrough status. Good Luck

    • You wont get any responses that deal in reality.Good post.
      Iplex proved ( company's words) "no more effective than a sugar pill" There is no interest in iplex beyond ROP
      The only ones believing iplex hype are a fewclowns here. Investors have moved on. To INSM shareholders iplex is worth a minimal amount,if anything. I was roundly ridiculed when I posted the rights for ROP would yield no more than 25 M- it was 11M- EOS

    • deleted posts : lol like this one from kvncmcdd yesterday .Thanks to Cathy
      .July 7th 2014 @ 19.98
      Re: Added 4,000 shares...
      by kvnmcdd • down only 6 cents

    • -The upcoming decision is not an approval ruling , it is a pathway of preparation, review, labeling, and hopefully not another trial..- IF there is an offering,and we won't know till a decision....the price will be the price the shorts ( who are the longs) are positioned - they never lose .My 6-27 trade is based on a technical read. YTD +127% Good Luck

    • A Dilution in the $13 dollar range

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