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  • kinkey_boots kinkey_boots Jul 23, 2014 9:55 AM Flag

    Frothy bios is a warning

    another bio soars .INO congratulations to terry the monster who is on vacation.
    Insmed can not be one of these frothy bios
    The results are out Only the FDAs decision remains. Look back at every large correction and look at what is happening now.The bioteck sector is getting dangerously close.

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    • Whatever you are drinking . . . other people should avoid that brand.

      INSM/Transave used biomolecular chemistry to create a synthesized surfactant liposome. They put amikacin inside and created Arikayce. Then they entered into a long clinical development program with milestones and a couple of missteps that ended them with a breakthrough for NTM and a competitive inhalational antibiotic for CF/Pa. Facts. The use for CF/Pa is still being figured out, but it is likely that Arikayce will be one of the 8 - 12 antibiotic disks on a sensitivity testing plate of isolated Pa that needs treatment. The important point is that these disks be tested on the first Pa isolate from a CF patient with a productive, infected cough. That is where the person will receive the highest and best medical benefit. Same for NTM. It is not the patient that has been treated with drugs that do not work for 6 months that will benefit the most. It is the patient that gets the best drug first.

      Now multiply that by the number of new respiratory formulations that can be formulated using the INSM liposome. It was the novel route of administration and the fact that the stuff built up in the fixed macrophages that was the breakthrough. Now there are other drugs (asthma?) and pulmonary immunogenic molecules that can be formulated into the liposome.

      INSM will get to product before there is any serious thought of a buyout. WL is too young and smart to pass on this opportunity.


      Sentiment: Buy

    • Warnings from folks with an agenda, is a reassuring sign.

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