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  • justarook04 justarook04 Aug 4, 2014 2:36 PM Flag

    CASH and CMO

    I see the overall benefit of the two Phase III trials. However, why did Insmed not do a secondary post (after) the BT designation for even $17.50/$18 to raise maybe $50-$60M cash? What else is happening that would have made that not that necessary? We still have no CMO. The management and BOD would have hedged their bets with this scenario we are now moving forward on. Just wondering out loud. For Schimmer to not waver on his $51PT (which is now 3-4 months old), he has to see something coming. Hmmmmmmmm

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    • He probably sees a buyout coming in the $2-3 billion range.

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    • Rook remember I told you I asked them to when the stock was at 17.50 and was yet to hit over the 20.00 mark--If I see a secondary now then I`m beyond pisd off. My cynicism tells me Piper would get the offering as a return favor for the high target price. The whole thing sucks because Insm has done this before,screwed shareholders,while benefiting the sharks,I hope I`m totally wrong and we see no secondary,but won`t be shocked at all if they screw us now,because I believe the fix was in on this transpiring already. I mean I knew they need a phase 3,and I`m sure so did Insm,so why did`nt they do the secondary when I asked them?

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    • Let's face it, with the exception of Biowatchdog we're all amateurs - especially Terry and his multiple personalities. Bio says Q4 of next year selling will begin via the established timetable and maybe late Q3 at the earliest. Schimmer says no problem and reiterates $51. Leerinck says no problem and moving ahead. Our resident numbnut disputes the company, the analysts and our resident expert and launches his multiple Id's to reinforce his schizophrenia. And, all of this while the shorts cover away. Lucky them.

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      • Jad. It seems that Lewis and management had put together a fairly decent timeline for Commercial launch in the last several Investor presentations, as they had listed 2015 and 2016 as the timeline for possible Commercial Launch. So, EMA said yes to go ahead and apply, and FDA said wait, and do an abbreviated trial that continues off of a previous Phase 2 trial. Now we know the timelines, which we didn't know last week. I don't think too many are surprised about the FDA decision, even though there was some hope. But the EMA puts us on the planned path for approval for CF and now, with the addition for NTM, offers a broader opportunity for the all the patients afflicted with their disease. Let the shorts have their day or weeks, but they know the risk is greater for them as we approach 2015. Clearly, a buying opportunity for those who can see through the smoke.

    • Management and the bankers open themselves up to all sorts of lawsuits if they were to do a quick spot secondary right before material news sends the stock down several points. Like early last July when they did that offering with a 9 handle, management will usually wait until the news is out, good or bad.

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      • They could have waited until early July to do an offering. WHY would that be a lawsuit? Not talking 5M shares but maybe 3-3.5M not much dilution. They will need the cash now in the next year or less and at what PPS will that be? It is just good "business" to do these things (raising cash) when there is minimal dilution. As many have said here though, MAYbe there is a partnership in the background where cash will not be an issue? Either way, here we are under $13 again.

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