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  • bohemianclubman bohemianclubman Sep 4, 2014 1:11 PM Flag

    Who should we believe?

    I always enjoy bwd's occasional posts. He tends to offer some insight which often hadn't even occurred to me. Yesterday he commented on PAH, saying that yes, it likely would require a trial, but that the trial could be put together and scaled easily. Today, terry says that the path to approval would be expensive and time consuming. I just don't know who to believe? lol, lol. Also, ARDM got fast track approval today for non CF bronchiestasis. I went to their message board for the first time ever, and there was rehvdm..... singing the praises of the company in his standard "I'm the wisest person on earth" lingo, another lol.. For some of the newer readers and posters here, arikace did successfully complete a phase II for the same indication several years ago.

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    • Well he is right on one thing, it is a small indication. But the key here is how they are able to apply their technology to other indications using other, already approved drugs...and how quickly they have done it. Where was this? Never mentioned and never alluded to on any calls or filings I can recall. This came straight from the lab and Dr. Perkins. Given the advantages of inhaled delivery over oral, intravenous, and subc, how does this proven technology look to other pharmas? Considering the FDA position that Insmed's liposomal delivery is a novel compound, this would extend existing patents, if so chosen to license or acquire the IP from Insmed. Just wait...there will be more. It is like I said when this whole Transave deal came about...if you liked Insmed before, you have to love it now. They have something here. We can bicker on the $1 here and there as it swings, but this is nothing to what might be on the horizon.


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