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  • grein_d grein_d Dec 11, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    check out the auditors

    aobi had Earnest and Young Hau Ming as auditors up untill 6-12. They have currently got there tit in a ringer with the Hong kong Securities and futures commission. Seem as though they dont want to give them info on companies that r being investigated for fraud. That may be the reason aobi retained them in the first place. After dismissing them they hired Weinberg & co pa. Check out there list of clients. arro, aobi, blqn, bges, cdif, cltk, ctbt, gnbp, teee, lixt, noec, idcx, oslh, svgp, stof, vrtc, wtfs. You will find a good percentage of these companies are just scam companies worth nothing or pennies. It give me a good idea what this co is really worth. It is probably worthless.

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    • posted about the HK thing a month or two ago but during the time the board was "coming and going" so who knows? This should be sorted now, I've also noticed that someone else in the China Leadership group has come unstuck!
      Totally weird situation, don't get replies from attorney's, hear nothing from auditors, hear nothing from the company BUT from reports for the company it's at least business as usual, who knows, maybe one day the true value will be revealed and the long suffering will be rewarded??? Would probably have to be a buyout though, not sure if they would be trusted by shareholders anymore, unless they have a good and believable explanation for what has happened!

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    • I checked out all the symbols you mentioned. Weinberg sure has a bunch of losers. They must be working for nothing.

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      • Are you suggesting that the AOBI investigating issues will be resolved by Christmas ? I feel confident that something good will come out , but not until 1st Quarter of 13. I'm Long the stock

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      • I would like to add one more thing to this post. I still believe AOB is a real company. Their TV commercials are still running in China and when they obtained a seat on the NYSE the SEC must have required some due diligence before they would allow AOB to trade their shares all over the country. I know there is alot of negativity on this board and rightly so, but maybe we will get a Christmas miracle. The majority of the Weinberg clients listed in the earlier posting could never stand a chance of getting onto the NYSE.