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  • fool2trade fool2trade Mar 28, 2014 11:11 AM Flag

    why sell at .10 when you will get .50?

    Why are traders selling? The price is .10 now. In statement they are going to pay .50 per share of under 500 shares. Are traders that non trusting in company? (ok so don't answer last question.)

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    • Because most trading is from people who own more than $75 (or $250) worth of stock, and this thing may be worth zero long-term to holders of 501 or more

    • Manipulation. This is my explanation. If you read my earlier posted massage, I tried to offer to buy the shares at $.15 to $.17 when the price was trading at $.1 to $.12. My order was not able to be filled. I really believe it is manipulated by MM. Actually, The shares were traded from one hand to the other hand by the MMs. MMs keep AOBI's price depressed. As a retail investor, it is hard to fight with MM, especially in the gray market. I think going-dark now and going to be re listed in future might be a way to go for the current situation which AOBI is in. It is sad and painful in this process for the investors, but I still have hope on the company. Going dark, AOBI needs to spend more than $4 million for the process. The $4 million is what the company current trading for. Other things I like are the company spent more than $4 million to audit last two year's financial reports and spent $30 million purchased the conversion bond last few years. Yes, it was AOBI's management who created this mess, but I don't think it is their intention. What they did last few things which I mentioned show they want to get out this mess.

      I lost a lot of money on AOBI, but I am holding it. Good luck to all.

    • Wrong. And wrong again.

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