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  • fishball818 fishball818 Oct 6, 2009 7:56 PM Flag

    I brought at 27 dollars

    I brought at 27, should I sell or should I wait?

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    • ***Looks to me like a growing industry, may take a little to get started, but the reasone AONE is priced up is because others want to get in right when it got it's wings, now it has, some people like day traders got in and most got out now because they just wanted to make a quick buck and get out, they may wait for a settled down price and get back in.***TAG

    • i think you should hold. the nov calls indicate aone could go up to 40. look at byd market cap -- 120b. my best guess, of course.

    • Sell, sell, sell. Although I personally would never, never use any of Jim Cramer's picks to construct my personal stock portfolio, I know that there are still a tremendous number of individual investors throughout the CNBC listening audience who put a lot of faith in his statements. Just yesterday, he went out of his way to tell the reasons that he thought A123 was significantly overpriced. I have to agree with him on some of his points. The main one that interested me was the one where he stated that because they spent $ 107 in Cost of Goods Sold to generate $ 100 of Revenue, they would actually be losing money for every additional unit of product that they sold. That is certainly not a good scenario.

      Disclosure: I have no dog in the fight either way since I have no current position (short or long) in A123. Good luck to you and remember, only you can decide how to best invest your money. Others can offer information for consideration, but be careful since some of them have hidden agendas. However, I think that most people, as a general rule, try to give honest comments that represent their personal beliefs relative to a stock. Again, good luck.

    • ouch...i'm stopped out if it breaks 22 (Friday 10/2 low).