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  • electro999 electro999 Oct 15, 2009 11:49 AM Flag

    Shorts -- winter is on us...

    you need to change into something warmer, or else you will freeze

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    • Hey, DA, you are a gambler, not an investor. I am an investor in my regular portfolio, but swing trade POS stocks like this in my spec portfolio (usually play with about 10K). You are betting that a stock priced at $13.50 is worth over $20, based on nothing but hope, and a leming mentality. It hit the 22s already today - again, why is it worth more than GS, MS, and BAC priced it at - you have no idea. Sad but True.

    • Your a day trader, good luck to you.
      some of us are investors.

      fact is 90% of day traders loose $.
      I'm sure you are a 10%er

    • i'm glad you're concerned about our well being. but it would be nicer if there was no conflict of interest with you shorting the stock at the same time. anyway, good luck with your shorts -- hope you don't freeze...

    • I can't even count how many of these 'promising' startups I have successfully shorted in the past. Lots of companies have good bat tech, but are further along (actually have earnings). I'm familiar with this bat tech - Li-Phosphate, safer but larger.

      AONE has GE, but no one knows the terms - it is like when Buffet invested in GE, everyone said WOW, but didn't realize that kind of investment capital gets special terms (Buffet got a 10% dividend that no one else did).

      Think of the special interests that do not want any renewable to succeed - they are powerful. This is not happening in the short to mid term.

      Here, all we really know is AONE was valued (by some really smart guys with all the available info) at $13.50 for IPO - we know nothing else. It hit $28! I know which side of that trade I'm going to be on.

      Posting on a YAHOO board in no way affects share price. I do it for two reasons - I don't like to see you guys lose $ you can't afford to, and I like to gage the sentiment - how many have fallen in love for a WAY OVERVALUED stock, making it a great short play.

      Good Luck to You!

    • Good one, Electro - not sure what you wrote means, but you were able to put a sentence together.

      Bears don't freeze, and I am bearish on this stock (currently, on this stock only) - been pulling in $300-$400 a day on most days shorting it. Almost never have a down day shorting AONE, and the up days sure make up for any down days that occur.

      I am in BQI (picked up a bunch more yesterday at $1.23 (at 1.31 now, that is up over 5%, probably will dump it soon).

      I am long GS (picked up a bunch at $23.13 today - will hold on to this).

      There are bears, bulls, and the rest of us who look at each stock/sector individually (I wouldn't be in the financial sector via an ETF, but GS at this price is OK w/me).

      AONE is a total pump and dump - the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can put your cash into a stock that will actually make you money.

      Good Luck!

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