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  • mrlumberdoctor mrlumberdoctor Jan 24, 2010 4:28 AM Flag

    Cramer is here not to make friends


    he is there to make you money. In this case to save you money.
    He is your best friend, a good neighbor, someone you can turn to when in need. Solid human being.

    AONE is a battery company. In the next few years, hype over car batteries will reach the level of AAA batteries when you buy a toy for your kid.

    Margins will come down a lot due to heavy competition from Asia. Samsung, LG, China factories all have the same tech and better contracts with biggies to shut down AONE.

    Forget about people buying electric in the next 10 years. It just doesnt' make sense especially if the oil prices come down. That cash will quickly dissapear as they use it for Capex and R&D.

    Electric cars costing $35K and above will not be sold in large quantities. About the same chance as seeing a luxury BMW, only here at $35K you will not get luxury, just a battery.

    To save money, people will rather buy a cheaper small engine gasoline vehicle, rather than the same size electric vehicle that costs double.

    I'm giving it a Strong Sell just to be a nice guy.

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