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  • dfs228a dfs228a Mar 6, 2012 11:16 AM Flag

    Ridiculous Manipulation

    ...who's kidding who?

    Company comes out with some stellar news, but is still caught in the down-draft of (manufactured) bad news globally.

    The robber barons of the Age have lost all sense of respect for any of us "little folk"-- they now laughingly dish up the same old tired excuses to create bad sentiment (Greece again, REALLY?) and then sell off everything with enough leverage that will choke this world economy off again if we are not careful.

    When will we ever learn that the short position motivated pukes of the world have completely outlived there short-term usefulness as brokers of healthy market correction (a la Enron) and for many years have been HURTING the world economy? When, will the politicians finally become less blind to the fact that fat cat rule always ends drastically, often bloodily, and that you better be on the right side of that equation when the tides turn, as they already have?

    This world needs to focus on products/investments/goals that are POSITIVE in their overall influence upon the world and the greater majority of the people that live in it. Why is it that we allow a few feudal pigs to destroy fledgling companies that have real promise and exemplify that which is good with respect to human ingenuity and creative will?

    Time for the shorties of the world to make an exit and let this world breathe again. Hold onto your shares, buy more if you can, and help out this company-- if anything because it makes some kick-ss products and embodies what is good about this country and its people.

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    • We just wish you would of put AONE on ignore and listened to us, you would have money instead of becoming submissive to a stock!

      OK, pretend to ignore me, you are a hero to all those who lost their money and blamed everyone else.

      The shorts are done, game over!

      Now, here is the kicker...the shorts have made big money and own the stock long for change, are you going to be a long with the people who destroyed the American way of life?

      Riding in the same bus as those who destroyed the stock according to you....if a guy name John Locke sits next to you, well good luck when that dark cloud comes out, its his short personality!!!!!!

    •'re the type the IGNORE button was meant for :-))

      < Flush>

    • Great speech, it's not our fault longs ignored the reality of AONE as an investment. As a matter of fact, this guy is now trying to blame those who were right and will not except the fact he did what the shorts did.

      Told everyone it was a great company and those who listened to him lost their money.

      Gotta love when the bottom falls out and everyone blames others for their failure of ignoring AONE has no revenue coming in, their biggest customer stopped production of their new car and can't sell the holy grail Karma, Volt shut down production line because consumers aren't buying hybrids because of price.

      Not to mention the company ran out of money last year and had to do a secondary offer and promised again big results...only a year latter they warn on revenue again, lost their biggest customer and have no additional sources of capital, so it's the shorts and wall street's fault??

      Hint, don't buy more because you're angry and think it's not your fault. Take an on-line math class and put away your LT investing books.

      No revenue, no profits = low stock price, delayed 10Q = kiss of death

      Shorts won this one, they did their homework. guys are funny!

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      • ...well, the truth always does have a pretty good ring to it, doesn't it? :-)

        Unfortunately, I think you misunderstood my sentiments as far as shorties in AONE go. While it is indeed true that I feel only revulsion and disgust at the mere notion of profiteering on the misfortunes of my fellow man-- a human emotion which you apparently don't share-- I am not at all bummed to see so many of you shorties are still around. As a matter of fact, it makes my heart beat a bit higher.

        You see, I bought into COCO on a similar happenstance where shorties had all but buried the company for good. I doubled down though, confident in my assessment that the large short position had nothing to do with the viability or soundness of the underlying institution, but rather was the consequence of unabashed arrogance and vitriolic drunkenness on the part of shorts that had been able to clean up way too easily in this market. It is, undoubtedly, a market which favors the negative, like a spoiled child whom no measure of consolation is good enough in times of genuine "crisis".

        Be as it may, I bought COCO at 2 and change, and sold at over $5 just recently. It was a wonderful sight to behold, and very rewarding, indeed.

        Now, if you think my position is hypocritical now that I fully admit to my glee at seeing shorts take it in the shorts, then please keep one thing in mind: I don't consider shorties to be "my fellow man"-- because nobody that I would call such would ever choose to hurt his country and countrymen like shorties currently do.

      • Still injecting fear I see. Your a moron

    • I said LOOK into WHY? Do your DD beyond what a piece of paper says...

    • Your not getting the point as stated before. The Gross Margins took into the account of Everything including the Building of the factories and other ramping up costs. Thats why there is such disparity now. The Margins will not be like this in the future, because the ramping is near completion.. This is fact not "faith" based.

    • I don't expect AONE to be profitable right from the bat, but negative gross margins are too much to stomach unless there's a good and temporary reason for it.

      It's really not about it needing to be profitable already.

    • I understand your point incognitus, but then again--if you might take some criticism-- your position is likewise driven emotionally-- based on fear.

      It is very very rare that a new company will be profitable right off the bat, and if I understood your comments so far, that is the bar that you are setting for A123. I must admit that I haven't drilled down into the cost data on as far a detail level that I probably need to at this stage (hence, your question is certainly well merited) -- but then again, you would apparently dismiss an opportunity solely based on how a company performs in it's first couple of years--during it's ramp phase at that, and expect it to be profitable. I don't find that to be any more reasonable or practical than the comment your made regarding somebody's "faith" in this organization.

      I, most definitely, like to invest in organizations that I have faith in, and really only look at investments where the company's management has faith in their product and in their organization. I have little faith in numbers. Lost my virginity with WorldCom several years back on that one.

      Look at the product, look at the market, look at the problem it solves and whether or not the people at the top are committed to making it work. That's the ticket.

      Would you hold if the company were to announce another share offering? Yeah, I would, and I'd double down too. :-)).

    • I'm here trying to find a reason to buy this - you surely didn't provide it. You provided the kind of rationale one expects in a losing position.


    • Actually, if that number doesn't turn, the company will be gone in little more than a year.

    • You need to learn to read beyond a number and ask yourself Why? Once you learn how to do that you will understand.

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