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  • nygogo nygogo Sep 1, 2012 1:52 AM Flag

    PV System Values: Solar Energy Needs Electrical Storage Now

    "As the cost of PV continues to fall, it increasingly is becoming a generating resource to utilities. Electrical storage has been proven cost effective in hybrid electric vehicles, off-grid PV systems, and is now being investigated in utilities that have large portfolios of wind and solar technologies.

    Cost-effective electrical storage technologies driven by research and development is increasing the value and market for PV across the nation. These storage approaches are expanding the grid-tied market and address utility concerns that include intermittency, capacity and other policy-driven goals. Researchers should now investigate the value of retrofitting storage on PV systems, if utilities can benefit and if PV inverter companies can include dispatchable electrical storage options in future products. If trends continue, we will be seeing lots of PV combined with electrical storage in the near future."

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