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  • silversunhunter silversunhunter Sep 15, 2012 5:08 PM Flag

    Why are shorts trying so hard to push this stock down on message boards?

    Because a crap load of them got in at .40 and they know that fundamentals alone will not drive this thing down below .30... To many of us want in at these bargain prices.

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    • And then again...why are so many posters exuberantly positive about this stock without being able to provide the slightest evidence? AONE may have a great product to commercialize, but they need to survive until being able to draw a profit from their operations. Increasing losses (EBITDA -72 2009, -132m 2010, -212 m 2011) are not exactly reassuring. Will the deal with China go through in the end? At this point the company has got uncertainty written all over it, which makes any statement implying the opposite - one way or the other - highly questionable. I wish for nothing more for this company than to be able to catch a solid foothold in the market and to prosper, but investment must be based on reality, not wishes. And currently, reality for AONE and its investors is uncertainty and volatility.

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    • But, thanks to a Chinese white knight, all is well. Superior battery chemistry, which was to be a U.S. competitive advantage, is now theirs. But why are we surprised? The Chinese have all the money in the world, and if they ever called the loans they have out to the U.S., the global economy would stop, and our nation would be in foreclosure. The Chinese are intelligent, industrious, products of a superior, disciplined education system. They are, despite the occasional misleading “Commie” rhetoric, old-fashioned capitalists, producers, investors, traders, designers and engineers. They are a lot like we used to be.

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    • This is simple -
      They are in a PANIC because all the signs for this company are so positive and they kow AONE is on the verge of a bfreakout -

      It is like they are thinkinig, "We have to paint it as negatively as possible or we will get slaughtered"