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  • gkammer Oct 3, 2012 1:35 PM Flag

    very woried that Obama's poor performance tonight will tank green stocks for the week

    I am chatting with a lot of people and most believe Obama will tank poorly - this will not be good for the stock this week

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    • GK, If you are correct, then it is a good opportunity to load up some more.
      I happen to disagree. Mitt (no offense) seems to bungle everything when left on his own.
      Maybe debating is the one thing he is good at.

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    • May be bad for the stock, but great for our country. Yes I do own the stock, and believe in it's technology., but we have got to get Obama out of office!!

    • Hit the channel up button to think outside the Fox... But all joking aside, Obama was a constitutional lawyer, he may not be as bad as he says he is.

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      • Not to get political or anything, but that is such a stupid response and a lot of Obama supporters use it. Fox is not the problem.. It's only a problem if it's the only news station that you watch. Just as if you only watch CNN, or NBC, and so on. They are all biased in some way and if you are going to make an intelligent decision you should watch all the news stations, weigh what was said, and come up with your own opinion.

        That being said, I don't support Obama but that should not be taken as me actually wanting Romney either. I just feel that for the amount of money spent in such a short period of time and all the programs that he has setup, we should be much better off than we are. I don't care what kind of economy he inherited, if we play that game then Bush was setup to fail, because Clinton was the one who got China into the WTO and set us up for failure... He got Osama Bin Laden... well Clinton was attacked by Osama and let him go so, there's always a scapegoat in politics. Let's just be sure that we don't attack the people who are voting and hold their decision against them.

        As far as A123 goes with the debate tonight. Obama could fail... or not even show up. It has nothing to do with this stock. The decision on approving A123 for the Wanxiang merger is up to Obama and him alone. I also believe that green tech is so far from what the Romney party is focused on that it would be at least 2 years before it comes up and by then we should already be rolling in new tech and advancements that it wouldn't matter. He is focused on getting rid of the Obama-care before it really takes effect and starts to cost tax payers trillions every year to run.

        Just remember this is America and we all have freedom of speech, but let's try not to put people down for their political beliefs. You'll just be stooping down to the same level of the candidates. Here's what their ads taught me so far...
        Ryan will throw old people from a cliff.
        Obama will give the country to China
        Romney hates women
        Obama hates white people

        Let's hope they do something more than just name calling tonight and give us an idea of how they are going to fix things.

    • very worried? take your prozac

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