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  • Well, here we are in one of the greatest bull market formations in history and a lot of people have made a lot of money so far this year.

    Will DNY shareholders participate? Quebecor and Banta have repoted lower year to year earnings. Will the same be true of RRD on Thursday? Mr Davis makes a lot of $$$ to grow the Company and make profits. Last quarter GDP was up over 7% so Bill can't blame the economy this time.

    After all of the shut downs and bloodletting
    I certainly hope there is something positive to show for it. If not, its too bad that he will be alowed to leave with big $$$$ after performing his dastardly deeds.

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    • Bilking this sad-sack company out of money is a management pastime. Take the case of one senior director of IT at the Downers Grove facility that succeeded in embezzling a reported $4 million by awarding contracts to his own consulting firm. Not only is DNY gonna have to eat those costs, I can't wait to find out what they'll have to pay out when all of those people who lost their jobs under this guy realize that they were replaced by consultants from the same phony firm. Let the legal eagles loose!!!!!!

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      • WOW! Shaaaazam! And how is this any different from those many employees who surf the WWW while on company time? Hmmmmmmmmmm After all time is money, yea? I mean if they went to work and actually delivered their expected plus, wouldn't the bottom line be brighter? It is all too often folks stand back and point the finger instead of taking responsibility and making a difference where and when they can. Walk through any plant and note the idle/wasted time and effort. You really want some fun stroll through Pacific Gateway Dr. at 2am.........Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Or MLK Blvd. around 3:30am O'yea!

        Goooooooooooood Day!!!!!

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