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  • stamo stamo Mar 21, 2004 8:49 PM Flag

    Bill Davis

    Bill came to RRD in 1997 and he retired upon
    completion of the merger.

    Figures from the annual report show the

    1999 Sales $5,415,642
    2003 Sales $4,787,162

    1999 Earnings per share $2.38
    2003 Earnings per share $1.54

    For his wonderful performance he gets:

    $2.1 million consulting fee for 2004
    115,385 shares of stock on 03/30/04
    $7.9 million lump sum on 11/01/2004
    $1.5 million lump sum after 01/04/2004
    62,935 shares on 10/01/2004

    As a share holder I am outraged by by this.
    As an empolyee trying to get a 3% raise you should be outraged too.

    For the wonderful contribution Bill made over his tenure he will recieve the following.

    115,385 stock units payable in stock on 3/30
    $7.9 million lump sum payment on 11/01/2004
    $1.5 million no earlier than 04/01/2004
    $2.1 million for consulting & claim release
    62,935 shares of stock that vests on 10/01/04

    Make of this what you will. Do you think Bill
    sold out to cash in at shareholder expense?

    And you try to get a 3% raise? Please! GET A LIFE!

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    • Thanks,
      I joined your line to the left. Dim DAT is going to get no peacepipe from me. He was nothing, is nothing, will be NOTHING!

    • I couldn't have stated any better myself.

    • "I have flailed in your rear, I fear for my job, I are an ignoramus leader of anonymous deals and I chews carrots on the internet. Go figure! You have now disproven the old saying: "Never art glue with a tool for it will bear down to pie and beets you with ex-parents." I win so I enjoy my numbered days in the job I am so inept at. Me and people like me are the cause for any of the divisions past/future to close down. Go figure! Notice it does not require an education to be unsuccessful, however hardly working, misdirection and non-commitment is not a key formula for success. While I and my kind continue to blame others for our incompetencies, we will fester our own destiny and depositions for the future. I never knew I could cry teaching even though I will never be happy with my substandard life, I can at least have an onion. Since I cannot articulate my position regarding unionization and what I are so lacking of with RRD, I will continue to allow you to wear me down to your level and just say those three little words that a real man has difficulty articulating "I love me!"

      Goooooobbbbbbbeeeerrrr Day!
      D.A.T. (Dumb Ass Too)

    • You have failed in your career, you fear for your job, you are an anonymous leader of ignorant ideals and you choose to correct spelling/grammar on the internet? Go figure! You have now proven the old saying: "Never argue with a fool for they will wear you down to their level and and beat you with experience." I reckon you win so enjoy your numbered days in the job you are so inept at. You and people like you are the cause for any of the divisions past/future to close down. Go figure! Notice it does not require an education to be successful, however hard work direction and commitment is a key formula for success. While you and your kind continue to blame others for your incompetence, others will manifest their own destiny and position for the future. You never know you could try teaching even though you will never be happy with your substandard life, you can atleast have a union. Since you cannot articulate your position regarding unionization and what you are so lacking of with RRD, I will discontinue to allow you to wear me down to your level and just say KMA (!)

      Goooooooooood Day!

    • That was a test for my friend (Rain Man). It was worth 1,000 points. But I will need to disqualify him now. I am trying to teach him to think on his own. However, given the magnitude of this task, I am solicting any and all takers to aid in this. (Please form a line to the left)

      Please cast your votes. Vote early, vote often.

      What do you think, is he teachable or would my time be better spent making Crop Circles?

    • Oh triple, you had him. Then you dropped an entire word from your opening sentence. Keep after it you two, you are very entertaining.

    • Hey Gomer, about a little test?

      Below is a sentence from your last post. This is for 100 points and a chance to move up to the 6th grade. What did you screw up (again)?

      You should be spending your time learning the program I got for you rather than displaying your ignorance on this board.

      "This must be do to your profound ignorance, stupidity or lack of ability."

      OK, START, you have 15 seconds NOT 15 days.

      Good Luck! (and NO life lines0

    • WOW! You obviously need major help. I would hope you feel better now. I am somewhat disappointed you failed to correct all my spelling and grammar in the last post. Its clear there is plenty of disappointment around you. However you are consistent with your position of no action or explanation. This must be do to your profound ignorance, stupidity or lack of ability. Since you seem to be unable to find your own help in escaping you misery: Employment recruiter executive Address: 2700 ... Ph: 610-993-0540 Target Search Inc ... PA 19063 Ph: 610-565-7566 Gordon Wahls Company

      Goooooooooooood Day!

    • Well my friend I thought that you would never ask. You would like to know what one thing would/could improve my life. This is very simple.
      Answer: Stop all types of testing on animals around the world and use you instead. This includes but is not limited to, Space Flights, Flame testing and bullet proof vests.

      Thank you for your concern and may I applaud you for stepping up to the plate, for all of humanity.

    • Are so caught up in you attack mode that you can not defend your position on unization? Do you have a clear consice manner of explaining what it is the union offers you that the company does not? Can you explain what it is the teachers, plumbers, electricians and carpenters have you do not in a career? How much more evolved would you be if you watched less television? Do you feel everything is related to your choices? What one thing could you do today to improve you career/life? I'll let you get back to Jerry Springer, after all that fits eh?

      Gooooooooooood Day

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